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How to Grow Meyer Lemons Indoors?

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Meyer lemons are one of the most popular indoor citrus plants to grow indoors. The reason for this is due to their small size, delicious fruit and simplicity to grow. Meyer lemons, native to China are a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon. This blog will outline how to plant, prune, care and harvest this unique fruit!

Meyer Lemons: Things to Consider

Planting any fruit from seed is a long investment, this is why in general people will purchase an already mature plant and begin fruiting from there. Meyer lemon plants take 3-5 years from seed to be able to fruit so this blog will outline how to fruit from an already developed plant for indoor use. The other consideration regarding this plant is the size the tree can grow up to. In general Meyer lemon trees grow up to 10ft tall, even with the dwarf versions having the potential to reach 8ft. Therefore in this blog we will outline how to prune and pot the plant in pots or containers making them more indoor friendly.

Potting A Meyer Lemon Tree

Container: Around a 5 gallon container should be enough for a plant between 3-5 years old.

Soil: Citrus plants in general do well in Sandy Loam Soil with good drainage. A PH between 5.5-6.5 a Meyer Lemon tree would thrive

Watering: Watering is usually required every 7-14 days. In general the most effective watering for citrus plants is deep but infrequent watering. A measuring gauge could be to check the soil 2 inches beneath the surface; if this area is dry it should be time to water.

Fertilizing: The best ratio suggested has been 6-6-6-2 with minor elements using a citrus plant fertilizer.

Pruning: In warm climates there is more leeway, but generally February through April is most common. When making cuts, cut towards the tree and make sure to preserve the branch collar. The branch collar contains cells that activate callous tissue, helping the plant grow over pruning. Never prune more than 1/3 of the tree over 1 year. 

How to Light A Tree Indoors?

Citrus trees love sunlight. Meyer lemons need around 8 hours a day of direct sunlight to flourish. As its hard to get the correct amount of intense sunlight on indoor plants the best way to light indoor citrus trees is under full spectrum grow lights. What are the benefits of full spectrum indoor lights? Full spectrum lights replicate natural daylight, which allows plants to thrive within a natural indoor environment.

What’s the Best Indoor Grow Light?

SANSI’s 60W indoor Grow light is one of the best indoor grow light options for 2022. This light has 4 adjustable wings and is able to provide 60W per square meter. Making it more than enough for 2 indoor fruit plants. The full spectrum beam replicates midday sunlight along with the customizable shape, promotes healthier more even grows. The best indoor yield stems from balance and this is exactly what SANSI’s 60W grow light promotes.

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