The Snake Plant: Growing Guide in Winter

The Snake Plant: Growing Guide in Winter

It's the end of the year, and growing plants indoors during the winter has become a hobby for many people. Unfortunately, the leaves of indoor plants are easy to wither, especially in situations of drought, low temperatures, or sun deficiency. So for beginners, how to choose an indoor plant which is easy to survive is very important.

Today we want to introduce an indoor plant called the snake plant which is classified in the lily family. The snake plant is very popular among plant lovers because it has good ability to adapt to circumstances. It has many varieties, the shape and leaf color of snake plants can change greatly after maturity. So it is very suitable for decoring in the study, living room or office for people to enjoy. In addition, the snake plant also has medicinal value of clearing heat and detoxifying. Therefore, the snake plants become many people’s preference.

the snake plant

The snake plant has a good adaptability to environment, and can grow well indoor in the cold winter. But if you want to produce the snake plant with tall, thick leaves and  beautiful shape, there’s a lot of learning. Different from other potted plants, the snake plant is tolerant of cold weather but can’t withstand excess moisture. A wet or waterlogged soil environment may cause its roots and leaves to rot. Therefore, we should avoid over-watering while ensuring the soil permeability. Watering until the oil is dry.

the snake plant

As the saying goes, everything grows by the sun, and the snake plant is no exception. Although the requirements for light is not high, but keep staying indoor for a long time is easy to lead to yellow leaves rot and lack of vitality. The research shows that the gold edge and pattern of the snake plant have a close relation to the light. When the light was too strong, the photosynthesis was full, and the width of gold edge and pattern on the leaves would increase, but at the same time, the color will become lighter. And the overall leaves showed a slightly greenish-white, lack of luster and rough to the touch. On the contrary, if the light is not supplemented for a long time, the width of the gold edge and pattern on the leaves will shrink or even disappear, and the leaves will become dark green with poor toughness and easy to fall. To sum up, if you control the light conditions reasonably, you can grow a plant of high quality.

the snake plant

A grow light is essential if you want to plant indoor.

Here we introduce SANSI new arrival- 60W Panel Led Grow Light with full spectrum.

Full-spectrum plant lamps emit white light and are ideal for indoor planting. Not only will it protect your eyes, but it will even become a decoration at home. The grow light will make your plant corner become the place you linger over every day, and the topic of conversation among your friends.

Full spectrum plant lamp is suitable for each stage of plants, unlike red and blue light plant lamp, which needs to adjust the color of the light to adapt to each growth stage of plant lamp. Therefore, full spectrum plant lamp is undoubtedly the best choice for a plant starter. Let you grow a beautiful snake light effortlessly.

full spectrum

The 60W led panel led grow light has two folding wings with a folding Angle of 90°. The veg coverage is 6 sq ft (2*3). You can adjust the angle according to your needs, so that the leaves of your snake plant bathed in light evenly. This can avoid too much light and too less light.

the snake plant

It is also very convenient to install, after getting the lamp, you can just screw it to the lamp holder. With the 60W panel led grow light, your snake light will not lack of vitality in winter.

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