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LED Floodlights vs Outdoor Halogen Floodlights: A Comparison

LED Floodlights vs Outdoor Halogen Floodlights: A Comparison

Outdoor floodlights are durable lights that provide wide angled illumination for the exterior of residential and commercial properties. Floodlights can be applied in a variety of scenarios, wall washing on a building, front or back yard illumination and used as a security light. Due to the fact these lights are used outdoors for their wide-reaching beam, they need to be energy efficient, durable and effective! In recent years LED floodlights and Halogen floodlights have become the two most popular types of floodlights. So, we can go through and make a comparison between the two types of lights. These two sets of lights have the same applications but different performance and benefits. So, let’s take a look…

Halogen floodlights

Halogen street light


Halogen outdoor lights were the energy efficient alternative to incandescent lights before LEDS. Halogen lights do have some of their own benefits. They are instant on, very bright and have very high color rendering. Making them great as outdoor floodlights and used in combination with a motion sensor. Motion sensor halogen floodlights would be the most effective lights, as their lower energy efficiency problem can be reduced and their instant on can be utilized. The main drawback of halogen lights would be their heat dissipation, color options and overall efficiency.

LED lights vs Halogen

LED Halogen Floodlight


In terms of energy efficiency LED floodlights outperform Halogen by around 85%. When both lights are outputting the same brightness, the Watts used by the LED will be significantly lower. When it comes to Floodlights, LEDS can offer multiple colors whereas Halogen are mainly restricted to yellow light. The various color options allow for LED outdoor lights to be used not only for security; they can also be applied as decoration.

Technical Differences

LED heat dissipation


Heat loss

Halogen bulbs main issue is the way they produce heat. They are around 2 times hotter than traditional incandescent lamps and within an enclosed area can be a fire hazard. This is due to their structure, the gas inside them and the way they work. Their design does allow them to produce constant bright beams with a high CRI, however this also causes them to be overall much less efficient compared to LEDS. LEDS heat loss is significantly less than Halogens and their lifespan is much longer with a much lower safety hazard.

Replacing Halogen with LEDS

LED replace Halogen light


Replacing Halogen with LEDS is usually very simple. The voltage is the biggest thing to look out for, especially which dimmer switch you use. Once the correct dimmer switch has been identified for the LED, the lights should fit in well. In regards to brightness, a lower wattage LED will probably produce the same amount of light as a higher wattage Halogen floodlight. This is why it is important to look at the lumens listed on the LED floodlight.

What is The Best LED to Replace Halogen Floodlights?

100W LED floodlight


SANSI’s 100W RGB Floodlight is an ideal outdoor replacement for Halogen Floodlights. This is because their wide-reaching beam, various color systems and lighting effects. These benefits combined with an unprecedented energy efficiency, makes them one of the best home exterior floodlights on the market!

This 100W exterior floodlight is RGBW with 16 different color settings including strobe, fade etc. The stand out feature of the light’s beam is its 5000K daylight beam option too. Meaning at night this will create enough contrast to be used as a security light. When it comes to outdoor lighting the key is to have options, and this RGB Floodlight provides these in abundance.

Superior Heat Performance

The unique adoption of ceramic heat sinks for this light allows it to produce superior beams while conserving energy. The design is based around having the LED chips directly attached to the ceramic heat sink and allowing for the hollow body to aid passive air convection. Reducing the overall temperature of the light. This light works in total contrast to Halogen lights whereby their heat builds up gradually reducing their own life. SANSI’s LED lights are patented and designed around reducing the thermal resistance as much as possible to prolong the light’s life.

If you’re home needs effective and adaptable outdoor lighting this year, take a chance on the higher initial investment on one of SANSI’s 100W RGB floodlights, then see your investment begin to give you returns on energy bills, lighting quality and increased safety!

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