5W Star Projector (US ONLY)

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SANSI Galaxy Projector, Teen Kids Night Light Projector with Remote Control Star Projector Nebula Lamp, Timer, RGBW Color Changing, 4 Modes for Kids Adults Home Room Game Decor Bedroom Party

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I'll fly away...

We were desperately searching for bulbs to work with our "homebuilt" (by prior owner) skylight in our kitchen. These are the ONLY lights in there, hence desperation for bright, natural looking, eco-friendly bulbs. Sansi has 'em, and in checking out I happened to see this little star & nebula projector. It had to be a sign. :)

I turn the on EVERY evening, lie down, breathe consciously, and let my mind soar. What a Godsend this is for me! I'm a space junky, but I don't need verisimilitude. Just visuals. This is a beautiful visual experience.

I can ignore my human frailties, my horrid ceilings, and all the things I "should" do - I just relax. Maybe the video will give a sense of the places you can go.

Theodora Reyes
Let there be lightx2

Love this little projector! It gives my ceilings life 🥳🤩

Beautiful light show for our ceiling

So many modes that change the light show: Nebula, Nebula breathing, Starlight, Starlight twinkling. And Brightness has 3 levels for Nebula and for Starlight.
A timer that set auto-off from 1/2 hour to 1 hour and 2 hours.
All can be controlled on the side of the projector or by the included remote that has an included CR2032 button battery.
The projector plugs into your 110V outlet.
A warning is issued NOT TO STAR INTO THE LIGHT on the projector, it is very bright.
I am enjoying the show as I type this review. Now add your own music from space odyssey 2000 and you have a mesmerizing mood enhancing experience. Fun for the whole family.

Cool galaxy projector, fun for all ages

This SANSI galaxy projector is a cool little toy for all ages, although kids will really love it. It gives the room a nice ambiance and we have done from having a small end table lamp on to no lights with the projector providing the room light. It's nice watching TV with the stars on your ceiling.
The projector comes with four buttons on it that control all the functions, as well as a remote controller with the same function buttons. Other than the power button, there is a button to change the projections from various types of nebula and starlight displays, a brightness button and a timer button. It is really simple to use, just set down in place to project light however you like and then set the type of display and brightness that you want.
It's a pretty good little projector although a bit pricey, in my opinion. But fun to play with and would make for a nice gift.

OMG, What a treat !

Wow ! Set the projector on a surface, plug it in, place the battery in the remote (had to use my experience to determine which way to install it) and press the ON button, and be amazed ! At least, that was my initial impression. It was one of those immersive things where I was looking at more than my senses could take in. I attached a pic - not the best, sorry.
Will the awesomeness of it all last? I don't know. The stars are green as opposed to the real deal in the sky but so what?... the remote offers some options for turning the nebula and the stars on/off, including a timer -- all of which I think are good to have. But in the end, it is a fixed display, and not really a planetarium, so time will tell. I am thinking very positively, and I really thing that it will not be a problem, and I need to rate this at 5 stars. I think that as a background, especially for a party, it's a winner.
Now, one last thing. I'm not going to deduct stars for this (how weird is that statement?) but isn't there more of an issue about safety than what is printed on the instruction sheet ? "Please don't stare into the lights when it is on". ?? It is registered as a "Class 1 laser". What does this mean? I looked it up and was please to read... "Safe, even for long term intentional viewing.". Clearly, no one should be intentionally looking into a laser, or any light projector (my opinion) but it is good to know that there there is not the issue here that I was concerned about, because, the light does spread all over the room, and it will meet your eyes at some point if you are in that room with it.