2 Steps to Decorate Your Plants this Christmas——Vibrant plants + Ambient lights

2 Steps to Decorate Your Plants this Christmas——Vibrant plants + Ambient lights

Christmas is getting closer, and I believe that you are busy with decorations. Plants lovers, please don’t forget your plants and let them enjoy the Christmas spirit! Follow us to do a special decoration for your plants this Christmas.

Step 1 Make your plants look vibrant

Indoor planting has become the hobby of more and more people. Maintaining the vigor and vitality of plants indoor is a problem that growers have to face and solve, especially when the winter comes. If you don't take the changes in weather into account, your plants may show symptoms like yellowing foliage or shriveling. In order to keep your plants healthy during the winter, it's important to use grow lamps, especially ones with full-spectrum light that is suitable for all stages of plant growth.

In order to meet all the needs of various indoor plants, we have developed many led grow lights with full-spectrum light. These grow lights, which imitate sunlight, can provide supplementary lighting for all types of plants and also serve as a decorative element in a room.

The 20W adjustable 2-head clip-on led grow light is also designed this way, making it a hot seller in the winter. Many people find it to be well-suited for indoor planting. It has 360° gooseneck that allows every plant to be surrounded by light from all angles, providing the best lighting for your plants. With this strong clamp, it can be clamped on the shelf, desk and any tablet, or any other surface up to 2.36 inches wide.

Step 2 Ambient light make your interior atmosphere icing on the cake

When you have a full-spectrum grow light, indoor plants can thrive in cold environments. At this time, you can consider further decorating and beautifying your plants to make them icing on the cake. As Christmas approaches, atmosphere lamps become popular.

Based on the led grow lights, we recommend three ambient lights for you to use in decorating your plants.

1.SANSI 30W RGB led floodlight
30W RGB led floodlight has 16 different colors, including daylight, that are available. It offers 5 dimmable settings to meet your brightness needs. It also offers 4 kinds of color-changing patterns, including flash, strobe, fade, and smooth. All of these functions make it a versatile and effective tool for decorating your plants and creating a strong Christmas spirit for your family.

2. Star Projector
In addition to the led floodlight, you can also prepare a star projector for your kid and baby plants,

The design of the astronaut appearance is full of childishness and playfulness. There are 4 modes to choose from, including Nebula, Nebula Breathing, Starlight, Starlight Twinkling. You can project the light onto the living room wall to excite your baby plants and kids all Christmas night.

3. RGB Pool Light
Lastly, we want to mention a very interesting decoration idea: use your RGB pool light to decorate!

We use our RGB Led Submersible Pool Light to decorate and it makes our plants look amazing! Why not give it a try!

Anyway, the RGB light is vital for the Christmas decoration. Be sure to prepare some led grow lights and atmosphere lamps for the coming holiday season.

By following the above two steps, I believe your Christmas Eve will be full of warm and exciting atmosphere! So, grab the Christmas decor bundle with up to 28% off for your holiday season now. Click here to find more.

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