LED UVA bulb

The kill rate reaches 99.99%! Let’s see this UV Light Bulb

UVA light bulb

UVA light bulb

Nowadays, more people pay attention to personal hygiene due to the outbreak of coronavirus. In addition to wearing masks when going out, home disinfection has also become important.

The most common home disinfection method naturally is alcohol and disinfectant. But in actual use, there are many hidden dangers.

75% concentration of alcohol itself is a flammable substance, you cannot touch an open flame, during the dry season, the static electricity generated inadvertently, will cause high-security risks to your home.

UVA light bulb

As for the disinfectant, if there are children or pets at home, many common brands or other phenolic disinfectants can harm them to a great extent.

In fact, in addition to 75% alcohol and various other types of disinfectants, you can also use ultraviolet lamps to disinfect surfaces, clothes and inside your home.

There are a lot of different types of ultraviolet germicidal lamps. So what should I buy?

Before this, first, we need to know:

What is ultraviolet light?

Ultraviolet rays range between 100-400 nanometers across the spectrum, between X-ray and visible light. According to the wavelength, ultraviolet rays can be further divided into UVA, UVB, UVC.

The most common ultraviolet lamps on the market use UVA and UVC technologies.

UVA light bulb

UVC short-wave ultraviolet, the wavelength is between 200-280 nanometers, the penetration ability is very weak, and ordinary glass and plastic products can be easily blocked. But its killing ability is very strong.

Short-term exposure can burn the skin, and long-term or high-intensity exposure can also cause skin cancer.

Therefore, the human body cannot be directly irradiated. When using this type of ultraviolet lamp, you must stay away from the irradiation area to ensure your own safety.

UVA light bulb

Another type is UVA, with a wavelength of 320-420nm, is also known as black light.

It has strong penetrating power. UVA can directly reach the dermis layer of the skin, destroy elastic fibers and collagen fibers, and tan the skin. 

UVA light bulb

The vast majority of ultraviolet sterilization lamps on the market are UVC ultraviolet disinfection, and when disinfecting, people need to stay away from the disinfection place.

But for use in homes, it is difficult to predict the occurrence of unknown situations.

For example, will active children in the home appear near the germicidal lamp while it is on?

Are some people aware of some of the true dangers of UVC?

When the situation is uncontrollable, choosing the least harm is the basis of the treatment method. Then it’s time to introduce the latest version of the SANSI

"UVA ultraviolet germicidal lamp"

Unlike the UVC ultraviolet sterilization technology used in most ultraviolet sterilization lamps on the market, it uses UVA ultraviolet sterilization technology.

UVA light bulb

Considering the unavoidability of actual use scenarios, SANSI strives to use strong scientific research strength to create excellent products and reduce harm to users.

Thus developed this "UVA ultraviolet germicidal lamp" which can also be used for tanning.

Compared with UVC, the power of UVA is obviously much weaker, just causing the skin to darken in most cases. The popular European and American tanning beds on the market are also based on this principle.

UVA light bulb

Principle of sterilization

After ultraviolet radiation, the DNA and RNA of the bacteria and viruses are destroyed, the link is broken, and their reproductive ability is lost, achieving a safe and effective sterilization effect.

UVA light bulb

Testing agency guarantee

It is shown in the test that the SANSI “UVA ultraviolet germicidal lamp” has a significant effect on sterilization and mite removal, and can effectively eliminate common bacteria (E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, etc.)

UVA light bulb

Among them, for the removal of mites can reach 100% of the mite removal effect, no longer needing to suffer skin damage caused by mites in the spring! The sterilization rate of Candida albicans and E. coli also reached 99.99%.

UVA light bulb

Even light distribution

For the sterilization effect to be significant, the sterilization lamp must have a uniform distribution of all the light emitted.

SANSI UVA ultraviolet sterilization lamp is attached to a strong scientific research strength so that in the effective irradiation range, the light distribution is uniform, and the sterilization effect is consistent.

Suitable for multiple environments

A small bulb lamp, with a light clip, can be used in a variety of environments, bedroom, living room, study, can be used, with the light clip, screw and clip open, open to sterilize, easy to use, Worry-free, really a good assistant for home sterilization.

UVA light bulb

This UV germicidal lamp adopts a ceramic material heat sink independently developed by SANSI. It is sintered at 1600 ℃ and has no PCB (printed circuit board). It has more powerful heat dissipation, lower heat generation than traditional bulbs, and is safer to use.

UVA light bulb

During the COVID-19, reliable UV germicidal lamps are needed in life. Even if we are not facing an epidemic, we should pay more attention to daily hygiene problems, especially families with pets and children using a qualified UV. The germicidal lamp is very important!

If you would like to make a purchase, then head over to SANSI UVA light bulb.

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