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UVA light bulb
Grow light

Why is UVA Beneficial to Indoor Grows?

UVA has mostly been neglected in indoor grow light manufacturers as well as indoor gardeners. However, there are some major benefits to be had. Of natural sunlight UVA accounts for 95% of the UV r...

LED UVA bulbUVA light bulb

The kill rate reaches 99.99%! Let’s see this UV Light Bulb

Nowadays, more people pay attention to personal hygiene due to the outbreak of coronavirus. In addition to wearing masks when going out, home disinfection has also become important. The most commo...

LED UVA bulbLED UVA bulb

What is an LED UVA Black Light Bulb?

An LED UVA bulb is an LED bulb that will emit a purplish glow to produce UVA light. Since Ultraviolet light has wavelengths shorter than visible light, the beam will be invisible to the naked eye....