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smart security light

smart security light

Q1: What is a smart home?

A: Smart Home allows you to control your home appliances through your mobile phone, tablet or PC. This is a basic function. More importantly, a smart home can intelligently and automatically control all the electrical devices in your home without human intervention. Such as one button to turn off all the electrical equipment in the home or turn on a number of lights, TV, air conditioning, etc. Every morning, your curtains can open set to a timer and your radio can play beautiful background music at the breakfast table. If the homeowner goes out they can leave and come back to the home however they like it to be set, temperature-wise, mood-wise, anyway they like!

Q2: How do I control my smart home when I’m not at home?

A: As long as you have access to the internet and a network you can control your home from anywhere in the world! 

Q3: Smart homes generally have a timing control function, is it set up during installation? Or can I change it myself?

A: The timing control function is completely set by the user. The settings interface is very user-friendly. As long as the time is set to how you wish, the automated times your lights are set to will continue until you change the settings. It’s as simple as setting an alarm on your clock!

Q4: Home security products, if there is an alarm or monitoring function, when I am not at home, how can it notify me?

A: If the user is not at home, the home security product such as the SANSI security light will detect the suspicious moving object, the app will promptly display the mobile phone notification and video. If you don't receive the notification, you can check if the phone’s settings disabled the security light app's permission to display notifications.

Q5: In addition to the one-time purchase of equipment, are there any costs during normal operation?

A: Smart home equipment, in addition to the cost of purchasing, the usual operation has almost no cost.

Q6: I have already purchased your company's smart security lights. What should I do if I can’t install them?

A: You can install it while reading our instructions or watching our video demonstrations. If you have any problems with the use or installation, you can send an email to the customer service email at any time. We will provide you with technical support and after-sales service.

Q7: How do we control more than 2 security lights in our home? How does it know which one I want to control, can I control both lights at the same time?

A: No, every device has a unique code for identification and is controlled separately. Each device can be named in the app. There will be no confusion.

Q8: When someone approaches the home, will the light turn on automatically?

A: Yes. At present, SANSI intelligent security lights are equipped with motion sensors, Their sensitivity and detecting ranges can be changed in the app’s settings.  

Q9: Does the product consume a lot of electricity? Will the electricity bill be high?

A: The intelligent security lights have a wattage of 36 watts and consume very little power.

Q10: Will the video recorded in the app account for the phone memory?

A: No. The recorded video is saved in the memory card that comes with the light, and will automatically overwrite the previous content when the memory card is full. As long as the user does not download the video, it will not occupy the phone's memory.

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