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Thanksgiving Giveaway (Closed)

garage light

garage light

Hip Hip Hooray! Thanksgiving is coming! All fans have chance to win a 60W Deformable Garage Wing Light for making your garage be bright!

What Light is in the Giveaway?

garage light

Our 60W Deformable Garage Wing Light is the giveaway prize for this year’s thanksgiving! With its adjustable wings and bright 5000K daylight beam, its able to provide task and general lighting fitting all your garage needs. If you have a garage workshop you can adjust the wings to fit your task. If you just use the garage as storage, you can simply install the light and have high color rendering bright light enhancing the clearness of your objects. This light has an E26 base making it a simple twist installation, bright white light with a customizable body. Grab your chance to win one of these lights now and upgrade the garage!


Two lucky winner will be chosen!

How to enter:

- Comment on this blog with your own Thanksgiving story to take part
- Bonus, share this giveaway on your social media and leave the link on the comment

The giveaway ends on Nov.15 (PDT). Two lucky winners will be chosen! The winners will be announced via this blog and email on November 16, 2021! (US, CA Residents only)

Congratulations to our winners:

Mikhail Rapoport (dataent******

Shea Balentine (ashleyan****@***

Thanksgiving Special Offer, Time Limited!

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grow light


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Brandy Burkett

Brandy Burkett

Thanksgiving is usually at my sister’s house. She’s the cook of the family.

David K

David K

Thanksgiving is better when my SANSI security camera is monitoring while I am away at Turkey Day dinner!

Dave Stephenson

Dave Stephenson

We always have lots of turkey and then fall asleep watching football!

Shea Balentine

Shea Balentine

Hubby and I are away from home this year due to his work. So, we will probably spend it together exploring the new town we are in, shopping and enjoying the few days he has off work =)


Jodi W

Jodi W

Thanksgiving will be a small gathering at sister’s house. looking forward to it as last year everyone had to shelter in place

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