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What is the Best Lighting For A Garage Workshop?

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workshop light 

Workshop garage lighting can be an issue. I’ve ever seen in the past how dimly lit musky workshops impact your work and the organization of a garage. Workshops with dimmer lighting from my experience just tend to be less practical. Something about those yellow dim lights does not encourage activity and organization. I always find it hard to work under weak overhead lighting. So I thought it would be good to point out what kind of lights fellow workshop enthusiasts should be looking for! 

What to Look for? 

Most garage workshops won’t have much natural sunlight due to their lack of windows, so it is important to obtain a bright light that will make it feel as natural as possible. For the best return on your investment, I would suggest first of all looking towards LED. As their efficiency, brightness and lifespan are unmatched by fluorescent lights. 


Workshops do not be receiving a ton of natural light, you’re going to need a lot of lumens to work under. A high lumen level really will make a big difference to the look of your garage and your performance. However, you do need to be careful and select the correct brightness. Brighter is not always better. It depends on where your light is going to be installed and how close it will be to your work station. Anything over 7000lumens for me close to my work station is overbearing. For overhead lighting, I would choose something between 4000 lumens-7000 lumens. 

Energy Efficiency

Garage workshop lights need to be energy efficient. This is because they need to provide a high amount of lumens for long periods. If you’re not careful you could end up fitting quite an electricity bill! Not only does the light need to be energy efficient to electricity costs, but it will also prolong the lifespan of the light. Meaning you will have less maintenance and replacement costs. A light with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours and is the correct brightness would be a great addition to your workshop! 

Color Temperature

Color temperature is going to make a big difference to your workshop. 6500K is natural daylight and a pretty strong and productive general lighting setting to have. The color temperature depends on where the light is installed and what is the light’s function. I would suggest if you have 2 overhead lights maybe using a color temperature close to natural daylight to illuminate the whole room. If you have the light specifically positioned pointing towards the work station maybe up the color temperature a bit to around 7500K-8000K. In order to have a powerful task light that will prolong your attention span. 

Easy Installation

Shop lights and large light panels are relatively difficult to install and some just won’t fit into regular fixtures. For this, I would advise looking or a light that can be installed into regular fixtures. Since this just makes everything easier and faster. 

Heat Dissipation

Find a light that is able to dissipate heat fast and efficiently. This will help the performance of the light and the comfort of the garage, especially if you’re working in the garage for long periods of time. A room filled with heat from artificial lights can become really uncomfortable after a while. 

Broad Temperature Range

This is for those of us who live in much colder areas with harsh winters. In the past with fluorescent garage lights, their mercury vapor is sensitive to cold temperatures. Garages through winter are incredibly cold and it was always suggested to have a garage heater to warm up the lights to keep them working. LEDs are far less affected by very cold conditions and most work well even as low as -25°C. 

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For garages having lights that can be easily adjusted and illuminate different dark spots of the room is very important. This is where adjustable lights come in. They’re a relatively new design when it comes to LED garage lights, however, they work wonders. If the light has 3 adjustable headlights that can be independently positioned your garage will have an evenly distributed amount of lumens. Making your workshop easier to work in. 

What’s the Next Step Forward in Garage Lighting?   

Deformable Garage Lights: Deformable garage lights are fantastic. First of all, they look great, they’re durable and they’re adjustable. I love everything about deformable garage lights! Their adjustable wings or panels make them ideal for workshops. This is because you can direct their beam in the exact direction you like. Making them able to do what other garage lights can’t do. This is, provide general and task lighting at the same time! The only negative I would say for most deformable lights is their look. They usually have very large panels and look a bit clunky. 

What Garage Lights Do I Use? 

SANSI LED Deformable Wing Light 

This light is really one of a kind. Most deformable garage lights are big and not easy to move but the SANSI LED Wing Light is incredibly light and easy to adjust. 

The light has 4 wing panels with 3 patented ceramic heat sinks attached. Making the light produce an incredible 5000K 6000lumen beam while only using 60Watts. Making this light super bright and efficient! 

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The Advantages of the SANSI LED Wing Light 

Innovative Design: This light has 3 specific design characteristics that stand out.  

  1. Patented Ceramic Heat Sinks: This light uses ceramic heat sinks to promote faster heat dissipation, prolonging the life of the light. 
  2. Lightweight body: This is the smallest and lightest deformable garage light on the market. The sleek body of this light combined with its E26 base also makes it the easiest deformable garage light to install. 
  3. Adjustable Design: Compared to all LED garage lights on the market this one stands out. Its sleek wings can be adjusted to be applied to every scenario.  

The use of ceramic technology enables this light to have superior heat dissipation which results in a longer lifetime. For me, it is not just about the engineering of this light, I love the way it looks it’s the best looking garage light I’ve ever had! 

If you would also like to brighten up your garage or workshop with the newest and best-looking garage light on the market, then click here to learn more.

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