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LED Floodlights vs Outdoor Halogen Floodlights: A Comparison
100W Floodlight

LED Floodlights vs Outdoor Halogen Floodlights: A Comparison

Outdoor floodlights are durable lights that provide wide angled illumination for the exterior of residential and commercial properties. Floodlights can be applied in a variety of scenarios, wall wa...

Security lightsecurity light

Security Light’s IP Ratings Explained

  IP Ratings are something we all see when looking at LED lights. Especially for outdoor lighting IP ratings are incredibly important. So to get a better understanding of IP Ratings and to see exac...

Security lightLED Security Light

How to choose and install motion sensor security lights?

Security lighting is essential to the home and having a reactionary motion sensor light is one more layer of added security. Knowing more about motion sensors and being able to utilize them will m...

Security light LED Security Light

5 Tips For Installing Your LED Security Light

Most LED Security lights are installed to make your home safer and better lit throughout the night. A well-lit home is a bigger deterrence to burglars and safer for you when you’re walking into yo...

Security lightsecurity lighting

3 Types of Security Lighting

The various types of security lighting each have their use and add more dimensions to your home. In order to find the most effective and secure lighting for your home, you need to know the differe...

Security lightSecurity light

What is Dusk to Dawn Mode & How Do D2D Photocells Work?

Many outdoor motion sensor security floodlights now have a dusk to dawn feature, and although the name is relatively self-explanatory it may be useful to know how your security light actually does...