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5 Tips For Installing Your LED Security Light

 LED Security Light

LED Security Light

Most LED Security lights are installed to make your home safer and better lit throughout the night. A well-lit home is a bigger deterrence to burglars and safer for you when you’re walking into your home. So here are 5 tips for how to install your security light in order to better protect and illuminate the outside of your home!

One Bright Light or Many Smaller lights

To improve the security of your front or backyard or driveway you will want enough lighting. 2 lights are definitely better than one light. This is in order to reduce blind spots. Look for lights with dual heads that are like floodlights in order to flood the area with light.

Installing Security Lights High or Low

For better overall safety you want your pathways and your doors well-lit. Although it seems like a good idea just to flood a yard or driveway with light actually illuminating your exits and entrances too will make a big difference. This is not only for safety against theft it will also help you when you are trying to get indoors. 

Installing Security Lights High or Low

It is better to install your light high, to avoid it being tampered with and to get a better beam coverage. Higher lights will cover a larger area. Also, security lights installed higher, the light they produce is softer by the time it hits the ground making less dark sports and fewer shadows. However, with height installation, there is a point of diminishing return, due to the fact that the higher the light is, the brighter it needs to be. You need to find a good spot for safe installation as well as good coverage. This usually ranges from around 2m-4m.

Find A Light With Easy Installation

Security Lights are usually installed pretty high up requiring you to go up a ladder and a bit of work. So the best thing is to look for a light that is easy to install and requires very few installation parts. This will save you a lot of time and enable you to be able to move the light easily and quickly if you need to. Easy installation also reduces the risks for you when you are installing the light. There is no point in getting the light to make your home safer if you hurt yourself installing it!

Security Lights with Adjustable Heads

Although this isn’t exactly an installation tip, these make installing much easier. A Security Light with adjustable heads means you can protect all corners of your home. They can be installed right on the edge of your home to illuminate the sides of your home, as well as eave mounted in order to fit whatever desire you have.

What LED Security Light is Good For 2021?

SANSI’s new 45 Watt LED Security Light is a great lighting fixture for the exterior of your home. It is IP65 rated and really simple to install, making it ideal for those of you looking for low maintenance easily LED outdoor security light.

What Are The Advantages of The SANSI 45W Security Light

The SANSI 45W has 3 big advantages:

LED Security Light

360° Adjustable Dual Heads: Adjustable heads with this much movement make this light stand out I have not yet seen any other Led security light with dual heads that can cover 360° so easily.

Ceramic Technology: The ceramic modules for this light is pretty big for all of the LED chips to be directly placed onto it. The better heat dissipating properties of ceramic means that there are no PCB boards of thermal adhesives included in these lights, making this light run cooler and longer.

4 Working Modes: This light also has one of the most settings and modes I have seen a security light have. The 4 working modes allow the light to be D2D, reactionary or left on for up to 6 hours. These different modes make this one of the most versatile lights your home can have.

The SANSI 45W security light is brighter and more adjustable than the previous designs. They’re offering you more than ever before and you should try seize the moment. 

If you would like to make a purchase, then head over to 45W security light.

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