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Security Lights

How To Choose The Best LED Motion Sensor Security Light

Everybody wants to make their home more secure. All sorts of companies are advertising LED outdoor security lights with motion detectors and dusk to dawn settings. But with so much information out...

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Security Light’s IP Ratings Explained

  IP Ratings are something we all see when looking at LED lights. Especially for outdoor lighting IP ratings are incredibly important. So to get a better understanding of IP Ratings and to see exac...

home exteriorHow to Choose An Outdoor Security Light?

How to Choose An Outdoor Security Light?

  There are multiple ways of lighting the exterior of your home for security. The most optimal way in terms of performance and aesthetics will be layered security lighting. This means using differe...

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What’s The Best Security Lights For Surveillance Cameras?

If you’re looking for the most protection on the exterior for your residential or commercial building would be to combine LED security floodlights with a security camera. Security cameras on their...

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How to Light an Outdoor Patio Area

An outdoor patio area usually resides at the rear of the home and is used for a multitude of purposes. Although outdoor entertainment areas are used mainly for one task, entertainment, their light...

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Smart Home & Smart Devices FAQ's

Q1: What is a smart home? A: Smart Home allows you to control your home appliances through your mobile phone, tablet or PC. This is a basic function. More importantly, a smart home can intelligent...

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5 Reasons To Purchase Outdoor LED Security Lights

All residential and commercial buildings require various forms of protection. The security light is one of the fundamental ways of doing this. However, outdoor LED security lights don’t just illum...