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The Impact of Color Temperature on Day-to-Day Life

led light bulb
led light bulb

Color temperature is synonymous with LED lighting. It is one of the most crucial measurements to understand in LED lighting and can have a huge impact on your residential or commercial building. Due to the current popularity of LED lights, a lot of people are familiar with the terms warm, white or cool light. However, they’re not completely sure the effect each of these has and how they should be used.

What is Color Temperature?

Different light sources produce different colors of light, these colors are measured and expressed through color temperature. Color temperature is measured using Kelvins. Kelvins are denoted to the letter “K

The Kelvin scale measures color temperature and indicates what each temperature looks like. The higher temperatures are blue and the lower temperatures are red on the scale. In the middle of the scale at white is natural daylight. Although the Kelvin scale is great for identifying the color of your light it doesn’t outline what is the optimal place for each of these color temperatures to be used.

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Color temperatures within the home

led light bulb

For around the home within different rooms with different functions, there will be a slight range in color temperatures.  

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Color Temperatures at work

For a lot of us, we spend most of our time at work, so it would be good to understand how to make it more comfortable. Modern companies and managers are always looking to improve productivity. A 1%-2% improvement across all staff in productivity can make a huge difference to the organization. Understanding lighting and what color temperature promote productivity can provide you with these small improvements. Light can have a huge impact on our physical and mental well-being and this is why we need variations of light. 

Color Temperature & Productivity 

Light sources and their color have a big influence on our work. 

Overall, cooler color temperatures make workers more productive. However, natural sunlight is also very beneficial to our overall health. If your office has a combination of cool and natural lighting your workers should be healthier and more productive.

Impact of color temperature on humans

Its general knowledge that people follow a circadian rhythm and artificial light has the ability to affect it. Strong artificial light can even stop the production of melatonin to prevent us from better sleep. The higher the color temperature, the more chance you have of your circadian rhythm and melatonin levels were disrupted.

Impact of color temperature on the environment 

Light pollution has become more well-known in recent years and its impact is getting the attention it deserves. Light pollution, especially from high color temperatures, has the ability to affect nocturnal animal’s reproduction and populations. We have a responsibility as humans to prevent as much interference with nature as possible.

What’s A Good LED bulb for various color temperatures?

SANSI Dimmable A21 27W LED Light Bulb are a great option for your office or your home. They come in two color temperatures 3000K & 5000K. Meaning they can provide the various layers of lighting with varying color temperatures. Another great feature of these bulbs is that they’re dimmable. Meaning you can reduce the brightness and intensity to match the mood of the area or room you’re illuminating.   

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Purchasing a SANSI Dimmable A21 27W LED Light Bulb

If you would like to purchase a SANSI Dimmable A21 27W LED Light Bulb in order to light up your home or office with better brighter color temperatures, please click here.

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