clip-on led grow light with timer

Maximizing Benefits: The Advantages of Clip-On LED Grow Lights with Timer

SANSI clip on led grow light with timer

SANSI has recently launched an upgraded version of its hose clip plant growth light, which comes with a countdown switch feature. This enhancement significantly improves the convenience during practical usage when compared to the previous product. You no longer need a smart switch to automatically turn the light on and off daily, as it can now be achieved through the built-in controller.

clip-on led grow lamps with timer
The upgraded product comes in four different lamp head specifications: 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each specification is equipped with a corresponding online controller. Button A and Button B correspond to lamp head A and lamp head B, respectively, allowing independent control of each lamp head by a single press of the button.)

By pressing the button on the controller, you can activate the countdown switch feature. The default countdown duration is 4 hours (light off after 4 hours, on again after 24 hours), indicated by a red light. If you wish to change the countdown duration, you can press the countdown switch button again, and the indicator light will switch to green, indicating an 8-hour countdown (light off after 8 hours, on again after 24 hours). Pressing the countdown switch button once more will change the indicator light to yellow, representing a 12-hour countdown (light off after 12 hours, on again after 24 hours).

The upgraded product uses the same SANSI Par20 grow light bulb as the original version, with an actual power of 10W per bulb. It features ceramic heat dissipation and optical lens design, providing plants with sufficient PPFD. At the same height (20cm), SANSI products deliver 10W, resulting in 11 times higher PPFD than competing 25W (actual power 5W) plant lights.

SANSI led grow bulb

PPFD of SANSI PAR20 10w led grow light bulb

SANSI is an experienced lighting company. Our products center around ceramic heat dissipation technology, offering customers high-quality lighting products and solutions. For more information about SANSI and our services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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