PAR20 10W LED Grow Light Bulb

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Grow Light LED with full spectrum. PAR20 10W LED Grow Light Bulb replicates natural sunlight, providing the full wavelength of light that is needed for the healthy growth of plants. So it is designed for sprout, seeding, vegetative, budding, flowering and ripening growth stages. And the white light is more natural which is friendly to human eyes. Compared to other led grow light, SANSI led grow light has Patented COC technology, that is chip on ceramic, resulting in faster heat conduction and higher product reliability, makes the SANSI bulb has higher light efficiency. 10W LED grow light is equivalent to 150 watt, which is really suitable for medium plants.

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Version: (updated)US E26
Size: 6-pack
SANSI Led Grow Light bulb gives plants more supplementary light because of the lens

Higher Light Utilization

The lens for secondary scientific light distribution improve light utilization, give plants more supplementary light, and also improve light quality.

SANSI Led Grow Light bulb simulate the sunlight

Simulate Sunlight

Compare to colorful light, white light is less disturbing. This feature makes this grow bulb more suitable for houseplants and office plants.

SANSI led grow light bulb with hollow structure design that can let it has superior dissipation

Superior heat dissipation

With hollow structure design, the working heat of the lighting device can be quickly transferred to the air through natural convection and the service life is prolonged.

SANSI led grow light bulb is easy to set up
Easy to Set Up With Standard Screw Socket

Operates like a light bulb! Fits standard E26 sockets for US & CA and E27 for Eu & UK with no special lamp-base necessary. Recommended coverage area up to 3sq. ft. mounted 7.87”-19.7” above plants with various lighting schedules depending on different types of plants.

The 10W light has 20 LEDs and a standard light bulb base. The 10W would be a good choice for a single house plant or a small number of seedlings.
The SANSI PAR20 10W led grow light bulb would be a good choice for a single house plant or a small number of seedlings.

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Customer Reviews

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Kai Helenius
Wonderful lights!

The lights work perfectly and when I accidentally ordered one's for the wrong country, SANSI actually noticed and reached out to let me know! Great company.

Mia Postma
happy healthy plants

I have used this grow light bulb for about a year now and it still works like new. I have a variety of full sun and even low light plants that all thrive under just one 10w bulb. The color, coverage, and also the fact that it grows, are why I love this light and highly recommend. P.s shipping is fast:)


I use this product all the time this is my 3 time buying this grow light

Kathy J.
Easy install

Brite and just screws into reg socket

Brought my monstera back to life.

My monstera was on death row from spider mites and being left outside for far too long. I had almost given up on her but something told me not to give up quite yet. I remediated the spider mites and bought a grow light bulb from sansi and viola! My monstera has not one but TWO LEAVES coming through. I leave the light on for about 12 hours each day and love how it’s in a normal lamp so you can‘t tell that it’s a grow light. Highly recommend these light bulbs for any type of plants. I like them so much i now have 4 of them. All of my plants that are under them are doing amazing.