Unveiling the Advantages of SANSI LED Clip-on Grow Lamps

clip led grow light for indoor plants

The SANSI LED plant light is one of the best cost-effective indoor supplemental lighting products available on the market. In this article, I will introduce the SANSI Clip-on Plant Growth Light series, including its unique features, installation, and usage.SANSI clip on led grow light for indoor plants

The SANSI Clip-on Plant Growth Light uses full-spectrum LED bulbs. Unlike red and blue spectrum LED supplemental lights, the full-spectrum light emits a white spectrum similar to visible sunlight, providing a more comfortable lighting experience. With the full-spectrum plant growth light, you don't have to worry about the risks associated with blue light, allowing you to enjoy healthy plant cultivation at home.

full spectrum

Full Spectrum

clip-on led grow light with white light

4000K Full Spectrum White Light

red and blue spectrum

Red and Blue Spectrum

red and blue spectrum

Red Light, be harmful to our eyes

The unique feature of the SANSI Clip-on Plant Growth Light lies in its professional optical lens design. The optical lens changes the angle of light dispersion, focusing the light onto the plants rather than illuminating unnecessary areas indoors, thereby avoiding uncomfortable glare. Due to the optical lens design, under the same power conditions, it can provide 3-4 times the light intensity of ordinary plant lights. Its outstanding light intensity (PPFD) is so impressive that many people even use it for growing cannabis.

SANSI Clip-on Led Grow lamps with 60° Ceramic Angle and Ceramic Radiator

It's incredible! This small clip-on plant bulb can actually be used to grow cannabis, a plant that requires such high light intensity. When the plant lamp illuminates the plants at a height of 1ft, the light intensity reaches an astonishing 97 umol/s/m2, while other products usually only provide 20-35 umol/s/m2.

clip-on led grow light to grow cannabis.
PPFD of SANSI Clip-on Led Grow Light
It adopts a standard E26/E27 lamp base design, which allows for easy replacement, and each lamp head can be controlled independently, making it very convenient to use.

Remote of SANSI Clip-on Led Grow Lamps

The lamp head of this product is made using ceramic heat dissipation technology, creating a spotlight bulb with an ultra-long lifespan of 25,000 hours. It also comes with a 5-year warranty for the entire lamp and a lifetime warranty for the lamp head replacement. Such warranty conditions are currently hard to find elsewhere!

SANSI led grow bulb with ceramic Radiator

The fixture has a clip design, which is a high-strength structure made of steel and carbon steel springs. It can be clipped onto the edge of a table, window sill, plant rack frame, or fixed on the wall-mounted planting board (floating shelves), practically anywhere you can think of. This fixing structure is truly practical.

SANSI Clip-on Led Grow Lamps

With a gooseneck hose structure design, it is a flexible and bendable support component made of carbon steel and galvanized iron wire, with excellent flexibility. We can adjust the angle of the light to illuminate the plants as desired.

360° gooseneck of clip-on led grow light

It is perfect for indoor cultivation of tropical plants, succulents, orchids, cacti, and other small plants. The Clip-on series plant light comes in 4 different specifications: single-head, double-head, triple-head, and quadruple-head. You can choose the appropriate specification based on the number of plant pots you need to supplement light. We recommend using one lamp head for each planting pot. If you have larger individual plants, we suggest choosing the triple-head or quadruple-head specifications for the supplemental light. This ensures more even lighting in all directions and avoids plants growing towards the light.
indoor plants
SANSI is a professional manufacturer of plant lighting products with a comprehensive product line. If you want to learn more about our products, please contact us.

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SANSI Clip-on Led Grow Light

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