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How to Find the Best Garage Light

How to Find the Best Garage Light

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Garages are multipurpose areas most people use them for storage, parking the car, or as a workshop. Due to the fact they’re usually isolated they don’t receive much natural light making them very dark places. They need effective low-cost lights that are going to illuminate their wide space. This can be done via light bulbs, wing lights, or tubes. Depending on your preference. When it comes to lighting up a garage it is probably best to go for LED lights as they’re better long-term investments. So, let’s see what you can do!

A Fixture for Function

So what do we mean by choosing a fixture for function? For lighting any area, what you will be using it for will determine the light’s function. If you’re going to be flittering in and out you may require general lighting if you’re going to be using the area for comfort accent lighting and if you’re going to be working there maybe task lighting is the answer.

There are 3 main types of lighting:

General lighting: Usually overhead background level of lighting used to illuminate the whole area. Used to provide enough lighting for people to see clearly and be safe.

Accent lighting: Focuses light on a particular area or object, highlighting that area. Usually come as wall sconces, pendants track lights, etc.

Task Lighting: Used to illuminate a specific area brightly for working under. Is more focused on improving contrast rather than illuminance. 

To best illuminate a room, the most optimal would be to have a mixture of all three types of lighting, General, accent, and task. However, depending on what you do on your garage it would be best to find a light that can offer a range of lighting options too. For a garage, you’re probably going to be looking for a bright white light that has a wide coverage.

Measure The Size of the Garage

As a common estimate for garages, it has been suggested to be 50 lumens per square foot for a residential garage. 50lm/sq ft is suggested for general lighting and for workshops the lumens output should be much higher. For workshop garages, you’re going to need around 100-200lm/sq ft. This is because workshops are going to need brighter task-oriented lighting. So first measure your garage then look for the number of lumens you need.

Lumens for A Workshop Table

6 ft. long x 3ft wide: 18sq ft table

300lm/sq ft needed

18sq ft table x 300lm= 5400lm

5400lm needed for a relatively large workshop table in a garage.


Go For LEDs

LED lights are becoming more popular with time, especially for garage lighting. Why? LEDs being the most optimal lights for garages is due to a number of factors.

Blue light: The higher amount of blue light within LEDS make them create a starker contrast for our eyes in the dark. Allowing us to see clearer in dimmer areas.

Energy Efficient: LEDs have longer lifespans and consume far less energy for incandescent equivalents.

Optimal in Lower Temperatures: LEDs work amazingly in low temperatures. As low as -25C LEDs will work perfectly normal and their lifespan will not be affected. Lights they do well in lower temperatures are especially important for garage lighting if you live in colder climates where the temperatures can get pretty low!

What is the Best Garage Lighting Option? 

SANSI’s 30W indoor LED Wing light is one of the best garage lights on the market currently.

Deformable wing light

SANSI’s 30W LED Wing Light is a deformable garage light. Meaning it provides multiple options. With its screw-in e26 base and 4 adjustable heads, this light can be set to light any area or angle of the room. Deformable heads are favorable for garage lighting as the garage space is not always so easily lit. Sometimes you need a light that an adjust.

 What Do You Get?

3000lm, 5000K daylight beam, and a versatile lighting option. For 30W and 3000 lumens you’ll be getting a lot of light for not a lot of space being used up. LEDs are about efficiency and longer lifespans. This is exactly what these lights can do for your garage. Illuminate, regulate, and substantiate your purchase!  Now use code "EARTH" to get a 15% discount for the garage light.

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