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How to Choose the Right Size Lighting Fixture?

How to Choose the Right Size Lighting Fixture?

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Homes need balance, having a light that’s too big or too small can throw off the feeling of a room. Too big is overbearing and too small becomes useless. For lights above tables, on low or high ceilings or pendant lights, each has recommended width and heights. So let’s take a look to get a better idea.

Pendant Lighting Guide

Pendants have various uses; they can be used as ambient lighting a room or for illuminating surfaces. Both of these two functions have different fixtures requirements.

Pendants Illuminating a Table or Surface

Like, measure the light for a room for surfaces it is the same. You need to use measurements as a guide:

Width of the surface-12= max diameter of pendent light in inches

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Small pendants: 10” or fewer Medium pendants: 11”-20” Large are 21” plus in size

However, if the hanging light is a big complex design you may want to reduce the size slightly.

Hanging Height above the surface: 28-34 inches

Kitchen islands small usually only need 1 or 2 medium pendants large can take 3

Ambient Pendant Lights 

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Length + width in feet then convert to inches= Width of the pendant E.g:

9 x 9 room= 18 inch wide pendant

Pendant height range:

Room height= 9 x 2.5 and 3:

9 x 2.5=22.5, 9x 3=27

Pendant height range: 22.5- 27 depending on your needs

Ceiling pendants should hang around 15-23 inches from a 9-foot ceiling. For higher ceilings add 3 inches and for lower subtract around 3.

Chandelier Sizing

Chandeliers are one of the most decorative fixtures you can put in a home so getting the correct size and height is essential. They’re usually put in the center of a room, foyer, or above a dining table. 

A Chandelier Above a Table:

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Height above the table: 30-36 inches

A chandelier should be 65%-75% of the diameter of the table

Bedside Lamps

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Bedside lamps need to be at the right height in order to provide the correct light.

Bedside lights are usually going to be wall sconces or swing-arm wall lamps. The best way to measure this is to sit up in bed and have another person measure from the floor to where your shoulder is. Place the lamp in-between your head and the bedside table.

What is the Best Bulb For Indoors?

The best bulb for in the home would be a versatile bulb. One that is bright, clear, and not overbearing in size. Bulbs for pendants, bedside lamps, or even chandeliers need to be discreet and effective.

SANSI’s 13W 5000K & 3000K LED bulbs would be the right indoor lighting choice. They look and work as regular indoor LED bulbs, but provide clearer longer-lasting light. With their ceramic heat sink and hollow design, they’re able to provide any home with enough brightness at a low cost!

Choosing The Correct Size Lights

When it comes to lighting, each room has its own specific needs depending on the room’s size and function. Using some of these calculations as a guide will benefit you in making an informed purchase in the future. The calculations are pretty basic but if you do need any more guidance on choosing the correct size light then contact us as

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