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How to Upgrade Your Garage

How to Upgrade Your Garage

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Depending on your requirements, an updated garage can provide you with exactly what you need. Storage, extra workspace or simply an extra living area. In some instances, upgrading your garage can even help add value to your home! However, it is important to be careful about what you do to your garage if you are converting it, as if it is fully converted into a new room for the house it may put some potential buyers off. So, let’s take a look at what we can do!

Get Organized

There are two main ways of reorganization your garage effectively. This is using wall organizers and cabinets. Wall organizers make the room more aesthetic and seem more practical as you first walk in. These are great for garage workshops as they can hold a lot of weight and come in large- and small-scale sizing. Meaning if they can match your workshop enthusiasm. If you’re a workshop hobbyist or just sometimes like to dabble in it, they can organize and respace your garage. 

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Cabinets and cabinet systems are a great way to create more space and not have everything out within a garage. If you’re looking to combine wall organizers with cabinets, the cabinets might be best used for smaller more specific tools or items and the wall organizer for larger tools or objects. If you have items in bulk that need to be stored away cabinets are the easiest and best way to do this while making your garage look more aesthetic and appealing.

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Change the Garage Door

A simple upgrade of a garage door can make a big difference in how your garage looks indoors and outdoors. Obtaining a smart door that can be controlled or automated through your mobile phone is a great option for people who are busy or just like the added effect. Smart doors are also practical in case you’re on vacation and a friend or family member needs to stop by and borrow something. Smart doors offer more options and the more options you have the more relaxed you’re going to be.

Get a door with windows. Windows on a garage door will make a big difference to the interior and lighting of your garage. Lighting is especially important for workshop garages. A workshop with a flood of natural light can make a big difference to your comfort while you work in there and the work you’re doing. Especially for paint jobs or any woodworking. 

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Upgrade The Garage Lights

Upgrading the lighting in your garage is going to make a big difference to your space. Whether your garage is just storage, for parking the car, or a workshop, each one will improve under better lighting.

What you’re doing to need for a new garage light is something durable, temperature resistant, bright, and the correct color temperature. If you’re looking for bright, durable, and adjustable LED garage lights may be the way to go.

Why LED Garage Lights?

There are a few reasons why LED garage lights are ideal for workshops, storage or regular use. They can provide natural daylight beams very brightly under extreme conditions. Making them a versatile lighting solution for all garage uses.  

Key Garage Light features

Deformable Garages Light

An LED deformable garage light is versatile and adjustable, meaning you can brightly illuminate wherever your garage needs. Deformable wings make the light able to illuminate wider and more specific areas that you need. Having a directional daylight beam is ideal for a garage workshop. Workshop garages need directional task lighting and an adjustable LED garage light can provide this and also provide general illumination.


LEDs are some of the brightest lights you can purchase. This is due to the fact that LED garage lights will come in daylight or slightly higher color temperature beams. 5000-6500K will contain tings of blue light making the light appear brighter and more intense to your eyes. If you purchase an LED garage light with a CCT between 5000-6500K, your room will appear very brightly lit. This is due to their higher lumens output at high color temperatures. 

What is the Best Garage Light?

The SANSI 30W LED deformable garage light is an ideal garage lighting option. Its bright, cost-effective, adjustable, and long-lasting. These lights have been developed to illuminate wide areas while consuming low amounts of electricity. They were built to be cost-efficient and brighten up your garage.

SANSI 30W Garage Wing Light Benefits 

Deformable: SANSI’s 30W is incredibly bright and has 4 adjustable wings. Meaning it can provide multiple types of lighting at the same time. Producing general and task lighting if needed.

Superior Heat Dissipation: The 30W indoor garage light from SANSI uses ceramic technology to ensure faster heat dissipation. Using ceramic heat sinks, the heat generated from the light dissipates more efficiently.

E26 Base: The basic E26 screw-in fixture of the 30W garage light makes it stand out amongst many others. Usually, garage lights are large bar lights or shop lights with frosted lenses producing a lot of light but being rescued by their own covers. This light is E26 screw-in so much easier to install and has completely clear lenses on each LED module, allowing for brighter clearer light!

Overall, upgrading your garage may be one of the best things you do this year. Although reorganizing and installing new doors or lights may seem daunting at first, once it's done you’re going to reap the benefits! Your garage is going to look better, be easier to work in, and may even add value to your home!

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