Best Grow Light for Indoor Plant (2023 Review)

Best Grow Light for Indoor Plant (2023 Review)

Planting has become a new way for young urbanites to relieve stress from their busy lives, thus the group of "urban farmers" is increasing. In order to have their own small garden in high-density, poorly lit cities, they need their own little helpers—Grow Light! Grow lights for indoor plants mimic natural sunlight, making them a great choice for growing or flowering plants inside. The following text will introduce some of the best grow lights for indoor plants in 2023.

1. 24W Blue & Red Adjustable 3-Head Clip-on Grow Light


  • 3 Modes: red light, blue light, and a combination of red and blue light.
  • 5 Brightness Levels
  • Auto-Off Timer
  • 360-degree adjustable gooseneck light tubes, stable metal lamp clips, making it convenient for indoor planting scenes such as desks and flower racks.

What Does Red & Blue Light Do for Plants?

Plant growth is inseparable from photosynthesis, different wavelengths of the spectrum have different effects on photosynthesis. In general, specific wavelengths of blue and red in the spectrum have a more pronounced effect on photosynthesis.

Red Light

Red light between 620-700nm in wavelength is very effective in increasing the size and weight of fruits, flowers etc. Red light’s main function for plants is that it enhances photosynthesis, promoting growth, resulting in larger heavier plants. When is red light suitable to be used on plants? Due to the absorption rate of red light, it can be used throughout all stages of a plant’s life cycle. However, just applying red light will not result in a healthier bigger plant, it does need to be used in combination with all the other light spectrums to promote the best development.


Blue Light

Blue light promotes the absorption of chlorophyll and photosynthesis, making it important for seedlings and plants in the growth phase, so that they get strong roots and stems. The combination of red and blue light can result in a very healthy plant. Generally, plants need quite a bit of blue light exposure because it promotes stomatal openings, allowing more CO2 into the leaves, creating larger and healthier stems and leaves.

Of course, photosynthesis is also affected by many conditions such as temperature, CO2 concentration, light intensity and more. For example, for plants that love sunshine, the intensity and duration of light also affect the photosynthesis of plants. The 24W Blue & Red Adjustable 3-Head Clip-on Grow Light has 5 adjustable brightness levels, which can meet the light intensity needs of different plants. At the same time, it can be set to 3H/6H/12H timing off function according to different attributes and stages of the plant and its needs for light duration, to enable more efficient and scientific planting.




2. PAR30 36W LED Grow Light Bulb


  • Secondary optical design: Through the lens improve light utilization.
  • Imitate the solar spectrum: suitable for every cycle of plant growth.
  • Patented COC technology: Chip on Ceramic, SANSI's patented technology, makes the SANSI bulb has higher light efficiency.
  • Safe and Reliable: no risk of electric shock; low IR, less heat radiation.
  • Guarantees: ETL listed & CE certification, 5 years warranty.

Compared to red and blue plant lights, in areas with more human activity such as bedrooms and living rooms, we use more full spectrum plant lights that are closer to sunlight.
This grow light bulb has a 4000K sunlight spectrum, covering 400 nm-780 nm visible light spectrum, with a color rendering index Ra approaching 100. Because the full spectrum is similar to sunlight, it is not harmful to the human body and does not cause dizziness or nausea. It is suitable for every stage of plant growth, effectively promoting plant growth and improving their yield and quality. With secondary optical design and scientific light distribution, it increases light utilization, allowing plants to receive more light supplement, the bulb has a lifespan of 25000 hours.

In addition to these features, SANSI COC ceramic heat dissipation patent technology uses non-conductive materials - ceramic, to replace traditional McPCB aluminum substrate, and directly welds the LED chip on the ceramic heat sink, effectively reducing thermal resistance and extending the lifespan of the bulb to 25,000 hours.


3. 10W-40W Adjustable Multi-Head Clip-on Grow Light


  • Replaceable Bulbs
  • 360-degree adjustable goose-neck light tubes,
  • stable metal lamp clips, making it convenient for indoor planting scenes such as desks and flower racks.
  • Patented Ceramic Heat Dissipation Technology

I would highly recommend this clip-on series of plant lights to beginners, as it doesn't require a complicated installation process. Simply clip it onto the edge of a flower rack, desk or any other location, plug it in and your plants can enjoy the sunlight.


Adjustable Multi-Head Clip-on Grow Light


Above are the grow light recommendations for 2023. If your planting environment is in a weak light environment, there is no need to hesitate whether to buy a plant light to care for your plant babies! Choose a grow light that suits you to create your own little garden!

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