BR30 36W LED Grow Light Bulb

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Grow Light LED with full spectrum. SANSI led grow light imitate the solar spectrum, suitable for every cycle of plant growth. The SANSI 36W led grow light is designed for sprout, seeding, vegetative, budding, flowering and ripening growth stages. Compared to typical red or purple grow lights, it has high PPF and lens which can improve light utilization, giving plants more supplementary light,which is really suitable for high light plants like Jade plants, snake plants and String of Pearls.

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Version: US 120V
Size: 1-pack
36W led grow light bulb with full spectrum sunlight for all stages of plant growth
SANSI Led grow light bulb with the lens that can provide more supplementary light

More supplementary light

Through the lens for secondary scientific light distribution, improved light utilization, give plants more supplementary light,and improved light quality.

SANSI led grow light bulb with hollow structure design that can let it has superior dissipation

Superior heat dissipation

With hollow structure design, the working heat of the lighting device can be quickly transferred to the air through natural convection and the service life is prolonged.

Independent design of IC:Use self-developed driver IC with has the ability to adjust its power outage to reduce its temperature, it can be used in completely enclosed lamps, greatly improving safety.

Higher light efficiency

SANSI's patented technology directly solder the LED chip on the ceramic heat sink, effectively reducing the system thermal resistance, resulting in faster heat conduction and higher product reliability, makes the SANSI bulb has higher light efficiency.

It really well designed for maximum airflow and circulation. It creates its own spectrum ranging from 400 nanometers all the way up to 780 nanometers. This will replicate all the sunlight your plant with need. This grow light bulb was really cool, really bright!
36W led grow light replicate the sunlight

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The hanging distance between the luminous surface of the 36W led gtrow light and the plant is 30-50cm
The perfect plant grow lights for your home, grow your plants throughout the year!

1. Indoor use only.
2. Please do not use it in dimmable fixtures.
3. Please do not use it in totally enclosed fixtures.
4. The hanging distance between the luminous surface of the light and the plant is 30-50cm.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Lightbulb

The plants look really good and have healthy growth, I am very satisfied with the Sansi Grow Led

perfect light

plant look good after using them

Sad And Semidormant Plants Revived

Originally my Euphorbia milii(90% Lomi ) and Spondias dulce(dwarf ) were merely just surviving in the south window(in a good week 18 hours of direct sun stretched out for 7 days). The June Plum was down to two leaves and none of the Lomi Hybrids sent out new leaves.
Once they got exposed to the 36 W(starting 18 April 2024 14 h/24) Sansi pendant bulb they began sending out new leaves( that began about 7 days later).
Light is bright and natural( not blue or red) as it shines on the leaves and stems.
The bulbs were substantially heavier than an ordinary household led light. The better fixture were the clear corded ones(more thicker plastic) from Nostalic Bulbs since they could resist a pull from the bulbs heavier weight.

My new go to grow light

Great for big plants! I have to order more! Great sell!!!

Roosa L.
I would recommend buying this one 100%

My plants just loves this light! I can really see the difference in growth just after few days of using the 36W plantlightbulb🙏In the picture is two photos; the one on the bottom is taken on thursday night and the other one above it is taken 2 days after on sunday morning.