BR30 24W LED Grow Light Bulb

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Grow Light LED with full spectrum. SANSI led grow light provides light that infinitely close to natural light. The SANSI 24W led grow light is designed for sprout, seeding, vegetative, budding, flowering and ripening growth stages. It is suitable for all the stages of your plants. Compared to typical red or purple grow lights, it has high PPF and lens which can improve light utilization, giving plants more supplementary light, which is really suitable for high light and medium light plants like Jade plants, Calatheas and Philodendron.

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Version: US E26 Base
Size: 1-pack
24W led grow light with full spectrum, that can suitable for all the stages of plants
Independent design of IC:Use self-developed driver IC with has the ability to adjust its power outage to reduce its temperature, it can be used in completely enclosed lamps, greatly improving safety.

Independent design of IC

Use self-developed driver IC with self-adaptive ambient temperature, which can be used in completely enclosed lamps, adjust the power of lamps according to the ambient temperature, more safer!

SANSI Led grow light bulb with the lens that can provide more supplementary light

More supplementary light

Covering the entire visible spectrum of 400nm-780nm: Color rendering index Ra is close to 100, infinitely close to natural light, suitable for every cycle of plant growth.

SANSI led grow light bulb with hollow structure design that can let it has superior dissipation

Superior heat dissipation

With hollow structure design, the working heat of the lighting device can be quickly transferred to the air through natural convection and the service life is prolonged.

24W led grow light bulb has high output, PPFD 177.06μmol/s/㎡@1ft

High Output Power

Secondary optical design PPF: 40μmol/s, PPFD: 177.06μmol/s/㎡@1ft. Through the lens for secondary scientific light distribution, improve light utilization, give plants more supplementary light, and improve light bulb lifespan to 25,000 hours.

24W led grow light bulb is full spectrum that suitable for all the stages of plants growth

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Rogers

BR30 24W LED Grow Light Bulb

Great growlight

I was worried the color of the light would be too white or something but it’s actually pretty warm and brings a confortable light to the room

Hasna Bianca

It is very efficient and my plants have grown so much. I love it.

Thumbs up for Sansi

I really like how my philodendrons and alocasias are doing with sansi led bulbs

All my plants have started to put out bigger leaf size even here on the northern hemisphere! My plants will have full sunshine 365 days a year 👍

Alexia Tagka

PAR30 24W LED Grow Light Bulb