60W LED Infrared Sensor Garage Light (Folding Wings) (US ONLY)

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60W LED Garage Light (Folding Wings, Infrared Sensor) (400 Watt Equivalent) with patented Chip on Ceramic (COC) technology and hollow design, through higher effective heat dissipation, improves luminous efficacy and lifespan. Super Bright (6000 lm) for garage, warehouse, barn, basement, etc. 5000K daylight.

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Customer Reviews

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Not the cheapest but a quality product

I bought 7 of these lights to replace a bunch of old fluorescent fixtures in a large 3 bay garage. Before deciding on the Sansi lights, I researched dozens of similar deformable lights from other manufactures. Many of these other deformable lights were very cheap, and after reading a ton of reviews, most of them ultimately seemed pretty sketchy. In some of those reviews for these other lights, I found comparisons to Sansi lights. I decided to give Sansi a look. The Sansi lights were more expensive than most of the others I looked at, but after doing some research on the company and reading reviews I was satisfied that they appeared to make a quality product. I pulled the trigger on just 3 Sansi lights to start off with. I was happy with how the first 3 worked so purchased 4 more of them to finish the job.

Installation is a no-brainer. The build quality is very good and they are as bright as I hoped. Overall, I am very satisfied with the Sansi lights. The only quibble I have with them is that the light panels only rotate vertically with the panels always facing down, more or less. I wish the panels could be rotated clockwise to allow for finer lighting control. But I knew of this limitation before I purchased them, so won't ding them for it.

Matt H

Great light that makes it seem like daytime


I had been using two bare 200 watt incandescent bulbs in the ceiling of my 2-car garage. Two of these Sansi LED lights provide much more light, and the 5,000k color temperature is just right. Not yellowish like the incandescent bulbs and not bluish like LED lights with higher color temperatures. And being LED they cost less to run than the incandescent bulbs

Roy Leon
Awesome light fixture

Just installed 4 in my wife's studio and they brighten the whole room to near daylight conditions. Now installing 4 more in my shop. All received with no damage and all working so far

Donald E. Johnson
Wow! This puts out a lot of light.

I've never had so much light in my garage and I only installed one so far.