40W Adjustable 4-Head Clip-on LED Grow Light with Timer/No Timer

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SANSI LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, 450W-600W Full Spectrum 3/4 Gooseneck Clip Plant Grow Light, Plant Light with Timer 4/8/12 Hrs, High PPFD Growing Power Grow Lamp.Equipped with full spectrum PAR20 10W LED Grow Light Bulb, replicates natural sunlight, providing the full wavelength of light that is needed for the healthy growth of plants, designed for sprout, seeding, vegetative, budding, flowering and ripening growth stages.

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Version: US
Style: Timer
Size: 1-pack
SANSI Upgraded Grow Lights,Full Spectrum 3- Gooseneck with Timer.
SANSI Upgraded Grow Lights,Full Spectrum 4- Gooseneck with Timer.
Installation Guide:1.Champ the light to asuitable place 2.Adjust the gooseneck 3.Power the light on 4.Press the button to turn the light on/off.
Auto On/Off Timer,4 hours,8 hours and 12 hours.
Energy Saving:SANSI 4-Head Grow Light,Yearly Cost $26.28,18 Hours/day.
Growth Process:This grow light is suitable for different plant stages for most plants.
Patented Ceramic Technology:Adopted a non-conductive ceramic heat sink, and directly solder the LED chip on the ceramic, effectively reducing the thermal resistance between the LED PN junctionand the surface of the heat sink, resulting in faster heat conduction and higher product reliabilty, producing a SANSl bulb with higher light eficiency.
High Quality:Equipped with high-quality PC plastic, and flame retardant V0. The stable clamp is sturdy, and offers a gasket to protect your furniture.
Full Spectrum : Uniform Light Coverage
More Air and Long Lifespan:The working heat of the lighting device is quickly transferred to the air through natural convectlon, the heat dissipation is faster and the service life is prolonged.

Customer Reviews

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Erinc Kuleci

My plants love this light!

Michele Borland
Excellent grow lights!

My plants seem to love these grow lights. I don’t have any long term experience, but so far my plants are pushing out new leaves daily. My only complaint with this particular unit is the lights are so heavy, the clip doesn’t want to stay on. The solution I found is to bend them backwards before aiming them. So far, so good. You just have to balance the weight. But, it’s great to be able to clip them on to a table, so I can’t complain. I think you’ll enjoy these lights!


La lampada ha 4 teste snodabili con flessibili molto resistenti, della giusta lunghezza e con una pinza che si aggancia saldamente alla base. Consigliatissima!

Ovadia Amram

Great service


I have a few of these exact lights! I just wish the neck part was skittle more sturdy! Otherwise I absolutely love it!!