Square 36W LED Security Light (Dusk to Dawn & Motion Sensor)

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SANSI 36W LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Light,Wired Security Light Motion Detection,Flood Lights Dusk to Dawn 3600LM,Motion Activated Lights,Super Bright for Backyard,Garage,350W Equiv 5000K IP65,Black and white.

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Customer Reviews

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Suresh Shah
My sensies

Great light is easy to install and setup. After receiving the new light I ordered 3 more to go at each corner of my house. Great warranty service too.

Ken L.
Perfect Security Lighting

These amazing lights were shipped to my residence very quickly. Found them to be very easy to install. The motion sensor is very nice and is not activated too easily by the wind. The lights are a perfect brightness for a good 40 feet on the driveway and walkway. Now let's see how well they hold up over time and our varied weather.

Lawrence Fingar
So Far so Good!

Just bought this light to replace a halogen light on my detatched garage. It is smaller then it appears to be online. No problem there. In fact that could be handy in some locations that I have. Plenty bright for what I want. Better then the dual 300w halogen mount it replaces. Wiring is easy. Just your typical 3 wires. The supplied wire nuts work fine. Mounting the light assembly is just a single center screw. No problem there. The problem, for me anyway, was in fastening the mounting bar to the electrical box. The box I had the previous light on is just your typical brown metal round outdoor box that is sold at any lumber yard or electrical supply. The mounting bar supplied with the light is good quality stainless steel and the mounting slot spacing is correct for the box. The supplied screws are too small for the screw holes in the box and the slots in the bar are too narrow for the larger screws. Plus, the center mount screw is different so I coulsn't use the old bar. A few minutes grinding out the slots with my Dremel allowed the use of the larger screws. Problem solved!
I received an order confirmation but no notice of the order being shipped or tracking number. After 6 days of checking my UPS and FedEx accounts with no results I contacted Sansi. Got a response the next dy, which was the same day my order showed up at the post office, having been sent via USPS. All is good, but a tracking number would have been nice.
Just ordered two more of these lights, but in the upgraded 54w version.

Best flood light!

Epic light! Very bright. Easy to install in old light location. Only put this in today so I can't say how it will last but it is sensitive and BRIGHT!

Reliable and big light

I loose track of how many have I installed this flood light in my house and rental properties. Hand down the best one out there in terms of reliability and the light volume it emits. The earliest ones that I installed in my house has been working great since 2017.