10W Adjustable 1-Head Clip-on LED Grow Light with Timer/ No Timer (US/CA ONLY)

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SANSI LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Lifetime Free Bulb Replacement, 150W Full Spectrum Gooseneck Clip Plant Grow Light, Plant Light with Timer 4/8/12 Hrs, High PPFD Growing Power Grow Lamp

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Version: US
Style: Timer
Size: 1 pack
SANSI Upgraded Grow Lights Full Spectrum 1-Gooseneck with Timer,Six product parameters:1.Auto on/off 2.Strong Clamp 3.4H/8H/12H Timer 4.Free Grow Bulb Replacement 5. High PPFD 6. 360° Adjustable gooseneck.
Lighting User guide:1.Champ the light to asuitable place 2.Adjust the gooseneck 3.Power the light on.
The timing of different times corresponds to the color of the light will be different,4 hours is red, 8 hours is green, 12 hours is yellow.
This grow light is suitable for different plant stages for most plants.For different plants and different growth stages of plants, the placement distance and light duration of grow lights are not the same.
SANSI 1-Head Grow Light with Timer works at 18 hours a day, the annual cost of electricity is $6.57..