Small Space, Big Greenery: How to Grow Plants in Tight Quarters

full spectrum led grow light

led grow light for shelf

Nowadays, an increasing number of commercial properties adopt a minimalist and refined design. Compared to traditional floor plans, more and more young people prefer compact and scientific layouts, thus improving space utilization and comfort. Plant room also has this trend. For plant lovers, they’re not only want to grow the plants well, but also want to build a beautiful corner.

Faced with numerous plants, how to place them to avoid clutter and loss of beauty has become a headache for many growers. Home plant stands have become the choice of most plants lovers. They are not only beautiful and practical, but also can decorate and organize your living space, suitable for various occasions such as the living room and bedroom.

However, due to the unique and compact design of plant stands and limited space, traditional grow lights are difficult to meet the needs of such scenarios. Instead, a more compact and portable "black technology" appears.

1. 10W Full Spectrum 2-Head Grow Lights

It has 2 heads that can be flexibly installed in various narrow spaces. With included Double-sided Tape and zip ties, you can easily install the led grow light by yourself. The power cord is 71 inches long, which is quite enough for indoor use. Ideal for indoor use on plant shelves, cabinets, walls, greenhouse, and other places in the home/office space. It has two single-pole switch, each led grow light has on/off switch, allowing to control the lights separately. The design of the switch can meet different plant’s need on the shelf, making it one of the best choices for plant stand lighting.

led grow light for shelf

led grow light

2. 5W Pot Clip LED Plant Light

Compared to the light we mentioned before, it is more suitable for direct attachment to potted plants for "one-to-one" lighting. Equipped with a flexible gooseneck tube that supports 360° free rotation. It can also handle various and limited spaces with ease. Worth mentioning is this grow light also provides a convenient timing function and a unique 4-level brightness self-adjustment. The function of timing and 4 dimming levels can satisfy different plants’ need and meet the different stages of the plant.

led grow light

In addition, both of the above plant lights are full spectrum which are very suitable for the indoor plant and not an eye sore.

If you are troubled by the lack of space for indoor planting or want to take the first step in indoor planting recently, don't hesitate to use a plant stand and SANSI new design of grow light to bring an unprecedented experience to your indoor planting!

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