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Home Improvements During Covid 19? Things You Can Do

Home Improvements During Covid 19? Things You Can Do

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While being in lockdown during this time has been difficult. The best way to look at lockdown is as a way to use this time to do things you rarely get time for. Home improvements and renovations are one way of using this time productively. The likelihood of having this much time at home again seems pretty low so why waste it! So what can we do?

Update the Lights

By getting updated higher quality lights you can transform the interior and exterior of your home. The change will be most noticeable if you’re switching from traditional incandescent bulbs to LEDs. However, if you’re just replacing older LEDS the change will still be noticeable. Especially when it comes to brightness and energy efficiency. Upgrading the lighting within your home, garage, or yard will make a big difference in how your home is going to look. If your home gets a fresher new look, you’re going to feel better too!

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This is one of the simplest and most effective ways of changing your home’s interior. Changing the color of the walls can have a big impact on the mood inside your home. Combining new paint with the right lighting can make your home feel new!

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Clear Out the Garage   

During this period decluttering may also be a good idea. Although it seems like a daunting task and isn’t one of the most fun chores, once you’ve decluttered there is a big feeling of satisfaction after completing it.  Once your garage is cleared out it can become a more useful space either for organized storage, parking the car, or a workshop. When the space is empty and cleared out, you can begin to look for an effective garage light to illuminate the area.


What is an effective Garage Light?  

For garage lighting, you’re going to need something bright with wide coverage that works well in cold conditions. LEDs are incredibly bright, long-lasting, and work in conditions as low as -25°C. So what is the best lighting option for a bright wide coverage LED garage light?

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SANSI 60W Deformable LED Wing Garage Light

As far as garage lights are concerned, deformable or adjustable winged LED lights are the best option. This is because their coverage can range up to 360° while having daylight bright light.


Power (W)



Color temp (K)






 SANSI Advantages

This light’s design has some particular competitive advantages, especially when it comes to heat dissipation. The patented ceramic heat sink technology is what stands out in this light’s performance. The LED chips are directly attached to the ceramic heat sink stopping the need for thermal adhesives or internal fans. For larger scale lights such as deformable garage lights, no internal fans, and fewer parts reduces the risk of breaking. Fewer parts and less heat is better for LED’s lifespans.


If you’re looking for something bright and adaptable, the SANSI 60W LED wing garage light may be your answer!

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