Upgraded RGB LED Submersible Pool Light

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SANSI Upgraded Submersible Led Lights RF Remote(200ft), Waterproof Pool Lights for Inground Pool with Glue/Magnets/Suction Cups, Color Changing Underwater Spotlight for Ponds Battery Operated.

Size: 4 pack
Version: US

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Great for tossing into a cooler at a party.

I'm using these for something I haven't seen a lot of other folks do, namely tossing one or two in the bottom of a cooler full of ice and drinks at a party/campfire/backyard gathering. It's a fun effect and helps to make locating and selecting your next beverage a bit easier and more fun.

So far these appear to be fully watertight, and I'm quite pleased with the brightness and color saturation of the LEDs. I'm not really relying on the suction cups too much in my application, but they appear to work ok so far.

The remote is identical to most remotes that come with RGB LED stuff these days, the sort of thin wafer with blister buttons. They're usually middling at best, and this one is no exception. It works, mostly, and for lights like these I tend to set and forget anyways.

Nicholas Lagola
Well made, easily adaptable for any lighting need

Well made enclosure keeps internals water tight. Included with the set of four lighting pucks are two remote controls to easily turn them on or off, or shuffle through lighting options. Powered by 3 AA batteries, not included, they offer a bright and colorful illumination effect in any application. Can be mounted with included suction cups or built in magnets.

Bright, nice colors

These were easy to install and included glue and instructions, can be suction cupped or magnet affixed or can sit on the bottom of your area. The remote worked great but you have to be within 10-15 feet of the lights. The colors and lights were bright for a battery powered system. The casing seems waterproof after several days under water. The remote has a timer feature which is very handy if, like me, you might forget to turn them off. The light intensity is variable using the remote and you can choose the color or have it rotate through the available colors on its own. Good value for a pack of 4.

These are fun!

I love that these work off of a remote. They are really cool. They are not the highest of quality and if you bump them, the batteries can dislodge, but they are watertight. When they are connected to each other and continuously changing colors, they will get off on their timing. These are pretty cool though for the low price.

Battery operated, waterproof lights

Just what I was looking for the bathtub area. These are perfect. There is brightness control. The standard selection of RGB colors that can flash, fade, or stay on one color. Two remotes are included. The remote seems to control all lights at once. I'm sure if they were in different rooms, they wouldn't but in my bathroom the remote controls all of them simultaneously. There are suction cups and adhesive circles and multiple tubes of adhesive. I put mine on with the suction cups (4 little ones come packed in each light). The suction is great. They take 3 AA batteries and as long as they are screwed shut tightly they are water proof.
There's also three timer settings. I can think of a multitude of uses for these but they are absolutely perfect for the bathtub. Highly recommend.