Square Upgraded 54W Led Security Light (Dusk to Dawn & Motion Sensor)(US/CA ONLY)

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SANSI 54W LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights,7000LM Super Bright Security Light Dusk to Dawn, Wired Flood Light 700W Equiv 5000K IP65 for Yard Garage with 50,000 Hrs Lifespan

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Color: Black
Size: 1-pack

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David Eynon

Square Upgraded 54W Led Security Light (Dusk to Dawn & Motion Sensor)(US/CA ONLY)

Richard Barker

Square Upgraded 54W Led Security Light (Dusk to Dawn & Motion Sensor)(US/CA ONLY)

Lawrence Fingar
Just One Minor Problem

I have, so far, purchased 3 of these 54W lights. That is in addition to the 36W version I had purchased previously. Except for the output these are identical to the 36W units. Since I don't need them on a regular basis I use the On-Time mode so that I can control them with a wall switch. Very well built. Very bright. Easy to mount. Easy to aim. Put the mounting bar in place on the box, put the gasket in place, hook up the 3 wires, and mount with the single center screw. The one problem is the supplied mounting bar and screws. Both are stainless steel. The bar itself is high quality. The problem is that the supplied screws and the bar are sized for an in-wall box, which takes 8-32 screws. The surface mounted weather proof round metal outdoor boxes I use take 10-24 screws, which are just a bit too big for the slots in the mounting bar. The spacing on the bar is fine for the box but I had to take my Dremel and widen the slots a bit to allow use of the 10-24 screws. Easy fix, if you have the means to widen the slots. Other then that, no problem at all. I had read in a review of the 36W unit that the plastic top of the sensor box deteriorated and failed from sunlight after 2 yrs or so. I covered the tops of mine with a piece of aluminum tape. (NOT the so-called cloth duct tape!)

Bright Series 7000 Lumen Super Bright,54W Motion Sensor LED Security Floodlight,320° detection angle、Max. 72 FT Motion Detection、IP65 Waterproof and 4 Modes Control.
AUTO(Motion Sensor Mode):Turn on for 1-10 minutes at night after motion detected.
Dusk to Dawn Mode:Auto turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.
On-Time Mode:Switch on/off, works like a normal light.
Test Mode:Turns on for only 5 seconds during daytime or night once it detects motion.
Extremely easy to install the security light:1.fix the mounting plate onto the junction box. 2.connect the wires. 3.fix the Led light on the mounting plate. 4.choose the working mode.
Security light application scenario:Garage.
Security light application scenario:Stairs.
Security light application scenario:Backyard.
Security light application scenario:Doorstep.