55W LED Security Light (Dusk to Dawn & Motion Sensor)(US ONLY)

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SANSI 55W Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights 7000LM Super Bright LED Security Lights, 5000K Dusk to Dawn Flood Light, 4 Modes,Wide 320°Angle Illumination, for Yard, Patio, Garage, Doorways Wired Not Solar.

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Color: Black
Size: 1-pack
55W Motion Sensor LED Security Floodlight.Bright Series 7000 Lumen Super Bright,color black.
55W Motion Sensor LED Security Floodlight.Bright Series 7000 Lumen Super Bright,color white.
Dusk to Dawn Mode:The light will auto turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.AUTO(Motion Sensor Mode): The security light will turn on for 1-10 minutes at night after motion detected.

AUTO(Motion Sensor Mode)

Effortless Nighttime Insights: Get real-time alerts with adaptable light sources lasting between 1-10 minutes after any detected motion.

Dusk to Dawn Mode

Experience Automated Lighting with Sensors that Turn On at Dusk and Off at Dawn.

On-Time Mode

Effortlessly Control Your Lighting with Our Switch On/Off System.

Installation method of the security light:Soffit Mounted.Can be installed in the eaves.
Installation method of the security light:Wall mounted.Mount directly against the wall.
Extremely Easy to Install:1.Fix the mounting plate onto the junction box. 2.Connect the wires. 3.Fix the Led light on the mounting plate. 4.Choose the working mode.
Security light application scenario:Garage


Security light application scenario:Yard


Security light application scenario:Door way.

Door Way

Security light application scenario:Stairs.


Customer Reviews

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Stanley Zohner

overall the light is good and real bright. I was disappointed that you can not turn the lights in every direction (only has to swivel points but needs a third). the bottom swivels and the light swivels but if the bottom and light don't match up right you can not get the light to shine where you want it so you just have to compromise. needed a third swivel point. also does not detect motion as far as it claims to. other than that it is a good light.

Robert Pereira
hog remover

I purchased three of these lights to try and solve a hog problem and so far they work great and are easy to install and set up .


outstanding , if you want bright white light.. this is the one. I've only had it up now for 3 days and is working great. 10 times better and brighter then a regular L.E.D. flood light.