40W Adjustable 4-Head Clip-on LED Grow Light (US/CA ONLY)

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This adjustable clip-on full-spectrum led grow light appears white and natural, which not only helps you spectrum the plants better but it gives you complete freedom to put your garden anywhere in your house. High PPFD output, up to 783.28 μmol/s/㎡@1ft, allows your plants to grow quickly on cloudy days and winter, It is suitable for indoor plant seedlings, potted plants, leaf cuttings, greenhouse vegetables, etc.

Version: US
Color: White
Size: 3-pack

Customer Reviews

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Fast Service!

Appreciate the 1 day delivery, you can't ask for anything more! And on top of it, it was free service! Show's they appreciate your service and it work's both ways! I purchased the same product again! Product work's quite well, fairly sturdy, not too hard on the eye's, plus I appreciate the lifetime warranty on the lights!

Sheri G.
Great lights!

Love these lights! Just the right size. Not too big. My only issue is a couple of them have trouble staying up the way I positioned them. Otherwise, the plants are loving the extra light!

Rosario Lamas
4 hanging clamp glow lights

I like them but lights are to heavy they don’t stay up!! The clip is hard to clamp it to things.. The light bulbs get little hot trying to adjust them they keep moving down..

Affordable, versatile, works

Lights are surprisingly bright and give off a nice warmth. The clamp is very strong and feels well built, each lamp arm is very strong and can hold any shape. Definitely recommend for a cheap option

Joie G.
Great Product

I was a little hesitant to order these because of the reviews saying that it gets too hot and that it��s a fire hazard. I have had the lights for over a week and I have not had any issues. It gets warm but not unbearably hot. I leave the lights on for about 12 hours, I work from home. I make sure to turn off when we leave the house or go to bed just in to be safe. My succulents are thriving and I will be buying a second set as my collection gets bigger.