30W Adjustable 3-Head Clip-on LED Grow Light (US CA ONLY)

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This kind of SANSI adjustable clip-on full-spectrum led grow light appears white and natural, which not only helps you spectrum the plants better but it gives you complete freedom to put your garden anywhere in your house. High PPFD output, up to PPFD: 587.46 μmol/s/㎡@1ft, allows your plants to grow quickly on cloudy days and winter, It is suitable for indoor plant seedlings, potted plants, leaf cuttings, greenhouse vegetables, etc.

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Style: US 120V

Bigger Illumination Area

The plant grow lights indoor full spectrum for plants have 3 360-degree flexible goosenecks, which can easily adjust the angle and distance between light and plants.

Replaceable bulbs

The bulbs of this product can be replaced, which not only facilitates customers to replace broken bulbs at any time but also avoids wasting money to repurchase the whole grow light.

Sturdy Gooseneck

360° adjustable gooseneck, it makes every plant covered by 360° surrounding light, providing the best lighting angle for your plants coverage around the plants

Sturdy Clip

The clip never shakes or falls! Its steady and reliable grip lets you use your plant growth light wherever you want. It can clip on to a 2.36 inches inch wide panel.


Q1: What is the length of the gooseneck
A1: 20 IN
Q2: Is the grow bulb included?
A2: Yes, 3 grow bulbs are included
Q3: How long is the power plug cord?
A3: 6 FT
Q4:Does it has an on/off switch?
A4: Yes
Q5: Do the replacement bulbs need to be from the same company? or can it take any standard E26/27 bulb?
A5: It's suggested to use SANSI Grow bulb to offer the best performance of the grow light for indoor plants

PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE BULB when it's working.
If you want to adjust the direction of the light, you can hold the base of the gooseneck, or adjust it when the power is off.

The secondary optical design

PPF: 50.4 μmol/s, PPFD: 587.46 μmol/s/㎡@1ft. Through the lens for secondary scientific light distribution, improves light utilization, giving plants more supplementary light. Using only 30 watts of power, equivalent to 450W incandescent bulbs. Based on 18 hours per day usage, save up to 90% electricity, annual estimated cost $19.71.

Customer Reviews

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Deborah MacNeil
30w 3-head clip on grow light

I love this light! Very sturdy clamp which hasn't come off yet. The swing arms stay in position and the light is bright. The only thing I can add is a warning to not touch the bulb when on as it gets quite hot!

Katie Williams
So far this product is great

So far so good. I'll be purchasing more once I have had them a little longer to see how they do. Definitely a lot cheaper then others and seems to be just as good.

Vanessa May
Bright Grow Lights! Easy Set-Up!

This grow light light consists of three adjustable arms with lightbulb sockets on the end of each, all connected to a clip so you can mount the lights on a windowsill or shelf. The bulbs are included and you screw each one into the socket on the end of each arm. These lights have a single cord and plug into a standard wall outlet. Each light bulb has its own on/off switch.You can adjust these lights so they are facing down a few inches above the plants. The light is white in color.These lights fit nicely in the windowsill. I am using a mug to keep all the cords together in one place. My family has already complimented the new plant light set up. I have the light supplementing a couple succulent plants in a window that doesn't get enough natural light. I only am keeping two of the three lights on at first. I want to introduce the plants to their new light and let them get used to it for a couple days before turning all three lights on. So far the plants seem to love their new light!

bree c harrison
The best lamp

I love that these take full strength bulbs instead of 5w. They work great.

Randall Epperson
Love this

My father had a green thumb but I did not inherit that. I keep trying. This year I decided to try starting indoors. This light set is truly helping my seedlings. The timer is wonderful. Light color seems to be great for them. Setup is so easy. i am well pleased. Recommend.