10W Pot Clip Led Grow Light

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SANSI Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Pot Clip LED Plant Light for Growing Full Spectrum, Plant Growing Lamp with 4-Level Dimmable, Auto On Off 3 6 12 Hrs Timer for Small Plants,

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Version: US
Size: 1 pack
10W pot clip grow light has strong clamp and timer function
10W pot clip grow light is easy installation
10W pot clip grow light has auto on/off timer installation steps
10W pot clip grow light has 4 levels brightness
10W pot clip grow light is full spectrum and has uniform light coverage
10W pot clip grow light, light uniform, healthy for plants
10W pot clip grow light is widely used for different indoor plants
10W pot clip grow light is widely application
10W pot clip grow light is widely application

Customer Reviews

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gotta give a 3

The good, these are very well made and very bright and my plants respond very well; so that is trending to 5 stars. My issue is with the convenience. Most recommendations are for grow lights to be on up to 16 hours but the auto timer function only goes to 12. you can do 12 then manually add a 3 or do them all manually. Raspberry on that. So i bought a couple of Alexa controlled smart switches to use BUT when they turn off the lights that causes a complete reset after which you have to turn the lights on manually. That looks like a 1 star review so i calculate an average of 3 stars. Sadly, I not buy again since there is no way to work around the current auto timer limits.

Dead plants

Sadly all my plants that have the clip on grow light are dying or have died, I bought them (6) from Amazon and my plants have not done well with this brand of grow lights.

R Olson
Great grow light

This is a nice grow light. The clip is very sturdy and the overall design is top notch. The light covers two average size plants well. I measured with my light meter and the light is very evenly distributed. My only problem is that the timer function loses a few minutes every day. Otherwise I am very pleased and will definitely buy again.

Great little light

I ordered two of these lights and they are great! My plants love them. They are easy to use. The clamp is strong and holds the light up securely. You can easily adjust the timer to stay on 4,8 or 12 hours. The only downside is the timer light stays on in the switch and at night time that tiny glow seems pretty bright.

Bright little light

Perfect light. Easy right out of the box. Clip is strong enough to be stable as is the flexible gooseneck. Ample light for my seed-grown Joshua Tree and the neighboring Ficus bonsai - perfect during the winter months in the sun starved Pacific Northwest. Definitely a winner!