A21 18W LED 3000K/5000K Light Bulb (4-Pack) (US ONLY)

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SANSI 18W (150 Watt Equivalent) LED Light Bulbs, A21 LED Bulbs, 2500 Lumens Light Bulbs, 3000K Warm White, E26 Base, Non-Dimmable, Bright LED Bulbs, 4-Pack.

Color Temperature: 3000K
Version: US

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Book Lover

I am trying to replace all my old light bulbs with LED long lasting bulbs. These bulbs will go in the living room lamps for a brighter light. These lights do no flicker or make a noise when they are turned on. Very nice and they will last for years.

Efficient lighting, nice brightness

I acquired these bulbs in hopes of replacing a few that are used more frequently in the house. I have had plenty of issues with different LED bulbs, from delays going to full brightness to blinding offending brightness.These bulbs are pretty big, and wide (2nd and 3rd attached pics).My main intended use was in the kitchen. It currently has a old 60w max fixture. The current bulb is a 53w (75w equiv) Sylvania bulb.~ First, it is stated on the box that this these bulbs are not intended for "enclosed luminaire" (1st attached pic). So that rules the globe out, but the bulb didn't fit over the bulb anyway, so strike 1 (4th attached pic)~ Second, the radiated light is directional, so in an upward fixture, the light radiates upward and not too much downward, which I decided would not work in the bathroom fixture (5th attached pic).~ Lastly, I had no intentions on using them in the living room lamps, but decided to give it a shot. And I love them there! These Sansi bulbs (18w/150we/2000l) bulbs replaced and blew away the GE CFL bulbs (42w/150we/2700l).The light is brighter and crisper and makes a world of difference when reading with 2.00 reading glasses, where every bit of better light helps. I thought the upward direction of the bulbs would be a problem, but I'm assuming with the lampshades, there is a good amount of light shining downward.Overall, these are solid sturdy bulbs, just be aware that they cannot be used in enclosed fixtures and the are larger in size.

Antigone Walsh
Soff, warm Light

These are excellent bulbs. They provide plenty of bright light. The soft white is warm and easy on the eyes. They are not dimmable but work well with lamps. A few years ago I switched mg bulbs to leds and the savings has been more than realized. Great bulbs.

Stacy J.
Very nice bulbs and a good value

So far I am very happy with these SANSI bulbs. I have only been using them for a little over a week but they are working great and are very bright and instant-bright which is exactly what I wanted. I obviously haven't owned these long enough to comment on the longevity but it looks like they should hold up well. I'll update this post if they don't.

Dr. Stuart Gitlow
Wonderfully bright, just warm enough, with just a few limitations

I have a Luxo Swing Arm Lamp on my desk - you might know these from the Pixar logo. It's one of the few places where I've continued to use a 100w incandescent since most LED bulbs can't quite match that for intensity or white temperature. This particular bulb has a few limitations: it won't work with dimmers, it may not look right inside shaded fixtures where you'd want light going both up and down as well as to the sides, and it can't be used in enclosed fixtures. It's also larger than a standard 100w bulb, just as a standard 150w incandescent is larger than a 100w bulb. And it's heavier than a 100w bulb, so in my swing arm lamp, I upgraded the two top springs to accommodate this bulb. Those issues aside, I'm very pleased with this bulb. It comes on immediately, doesn't radiate the heat (or get the fixture itself warm) that a standard bulb emits, and it's wonderfully bright while providing a white temperature that has neither too little or too much warmth. Great for reading and studying while consuming only 18w instead of my usual 100.