led light bulb

What Are LED Omni-Directional Bulbs?

led light bulb

led light bulb

In order to discover what LED Omni-directional bulbs are. First of all, it is important to define what Omni-directional light is. Omni-directional light is light that points in all directions as opposed to directional light that only points in one direction.

LED's were introduced as a replacement of incandescent and CFL bulbs to save us energy and money. Although the original LED bulbs produced incredibly bright beams at various color temperatures that brightened up our homes at lower costs. Unlike incandescent & CFL bulbs, which are Omni-directional by design. LED bulbs were not. This meant that LED bulbs were putting out directional light with an absolute maximum beam angle of around 220°. This meant that they were unable to meet the demands of certain areas of the home that required Omni-directional light. However, modern Omni-directional LED bulbs can now produce light from anywhere between 270-300 degrees. Meaning they're better for the home than incandescent bulbs. Due to the fact they save energy, money and can now produce a wide-angle beam.

led light bulb

Where Can LED Omni-directional Bulbs Be Used?

One of the main benefits of Omni-directional LEDs is their versatility. Due to the fact they can be dimmable and non-dimmable as well as varying color temperatures. There are not many situations that would not benefit from them. Omni-directional LED bulbs can be used for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Omni-directional LED bulbs are most suited towards general lighting. This means that they can be used in a host of rooms around the home while also being used outdoors in a semi-enclosed fixture.

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Dimmable LED Omni-directional Bulbs

Dimmable LED Omni-directional bulbs, despite their initial higher cost, are a great investment for the home. Dimmable LED bulbs are able to dim smoothly from 0-100% making them fantastic for general and ambient lighting. They can be used in every room. However, their most frequently used rooms are the bedroom and the living room. This is due to their ability to go smoothly from super bright to dimming down to match the mood of the room. Layered lighting is the optimal way to light your home aesthetically and performance-wise and Dimmable bulbs can help with this.

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SANSI LED Omni-directional Bulbs

A lot of people go out looking for the perfect light for their home and a SANSI Omni-directional bulb just might be this! SANSI's range of Omni-directional bulbs covers every requirement somebody's home could have. They come dimmable and non-dimmable as well as in a variety of wattages and color temperatures. Illustrated in the table below:

led light bulb

Now that Omni-directional LED bulbs are available it is important to recognize what sets apart the good ones from the bad ones. The good ones should be able to provide you with excellent well evenly distributed light. Dimmable options, Saves energy, and be long-lasting, SANSI's Omni-directional bulbs provide all of these and more!

The Unique Design

First of all, let's look at the design of these bulbs. Their ceramic white body coupled with its hollowed-out base gives them a distinct look that benefits both their look and their performance. They're designed to be different. Their unique use of ceramic and hollow base design is there for a reason. The ceramic and the hollow base are used as in these bulbs to complement the bulb's heat dissipation. Ceramic as a substance has incredibly tightly bonded atoms and this makes it less conducive to heat. This along with the hollow base of the bulb allow the bulbs to produce a lot of light while using minimum power and energy. SANSI's structure and design are all about saving energy while not sacrificing the quality of the light. Their ceramic body and hollow body allow this to happen.


I purchased the 3000K and the 5000K 22W SANSI Omni-directional bulbs. I thought it would be good to get a 3000K bulb to compare it to the incandescent I'd replaced it with and also a 5000K option as I always like to have bright daylight in my kitchen. The 22W Omni-directional bulb produces a super bright light that is distributed at 270°. The best thing about the beam put out from these bulbs is that the light is evenly distributed even brightly even right on the edges of the beam. Which cannot be said for some other Omni-directional LED bulbs. These bulbs have E26 sockets so they can be used all around the home and with their range of lumens on offer they can be a great purchase for the home. They're flicker-free and make no noise including the dimmable bulbs. These bulbs looked great. Performed great and set themselves apart from any of my previously used Omni-directional bulbs. I'd suggest anyone go out and purchase these if you're looking for something stylish, powerful and want to save money on your energy bills.

led light bulb

Here you can see the dimmable and non-dimmable versions of the bulbs in my home creating a layered lighting effect within my home. It's aesthetically pleasing and adds an ambiance to the room that can't be recreated by any other bulbs!

If you would like to make a purchase, then head over to SANSI lights bulbs.

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