LED Corn Lights

Ultimate Guide To Purchasing LED Corn Lights

LED Corn Lights

LED Corn Lights

LED corn lights are a unique looking bulb that has various applications. Indoors or outdoors. Depending on the size of the LED corn light and its lumens output will determine if it is going to be an indoor or outdoor light. Some people are still not totally familiar with LED corn lights and their applications so let’s give a brief introduction to this light then we can go into what you need to be looking for in them.  

What is an LED Corn Light?

LED corn lights are given this name due to their structure and shape. They’re generally used for exterior or indoor garage lighting where bright wide-reaching light is needed. The body of the corn light is a long structure covered in LED diodes, producing almost omni-directional light that can illuminate wide areas. LED corn lights are simple screw-in lights and can replace any lighting fixture that matches their base.  Their incredible brightness and simple installation have led to corn lights becoming increasingly popular over recent years.

E26 & E39 Base   

LED Corn Lights

Corn bulbs have 2 bases, E26 & E39. E26 is the standard base for most house bulbs. E26 are the most standard bases for 120V bulbs. E39, also known as the Goliath Edison Screw, due to the large size and wide of the base. They’re usually used in industrial and farm applications. For higher output more powerful bulbs E39 is more suitable as they go into larger fixtures and have higher amps. However, some brands come with E26 or E39 adaptors, so if you purchase the right light, they can be used anywhere.

How Many Lumens?

LED Corn Lights are the most common replacement for metal halide bulbs. When replacing metal halides it’s important to see what the LED corn light equivalent would be. The issue with metal halides is that they start off incredibly bright, however, as time goes on their brightness does drop significantly. Over 5 years metal halide outdoor lights have been known to lose up to 75% of their lumen output. In comparison to these LEDs lumens, the output will decline by around 10% over their whole lifespan. This is a significant difference in brightness and energy conservation that will benefit the exterior of your building.

LED Corn Lights

Now you have an idea of the number of lumens and Watts you need for an LED equivalent.

Color temperature

LED Corn Lights

LED Corn Lights can come in a range of color temperatures.  Anywhere from warm 2700K to 4000K to daylight 5000K. Each has its own practical application for outdoor or interior lighting. If you’re planning on using your LED corn light as an LED wall pack the 5000K daylight version may be the most suitable. As LED wall packs generally come in 5000K. If you’re looking for an accent or comfy general illumination on the exterior of your home using a street lamp or post. 2700K-3000K can be a good street or path lighting option. As they produce a yellowish/orange glow that is better suited for night time as it's not too intense on your eyes.  4000K & 5000K LED corn lights can be great lighting options if you’re looking for task lighting within a barn, workshop, or porch. 5000K is a bright task light replicating natural sunlight. Making it easier and more natural to work under. Making paint jobs, woodwork, etc. easier as you can see the textures and colors better.

What to look for in Corn Lamps?

Effective heat dissipation. LED Corn Lights will require a very large heat sink with a large surface area that is effective in dissipating heat.  LED corn lights by nature are large so the heat sink should be large too. When looking for a corn light the heat sink needs to be made from an effective heat-dissipating surface with a large surface area in order to dissipate heat the fastest way. Corn lights are usually higher-powered LED lights with a substantial number of LED diodes attached so the heat will build up quickly.

LED Corn Lights

The best way to mitigate heat dissipation problems would be to find a heat sink that uses an effective material that has a large surface area. Furthermore, with the issue of internal heat dissipation. When it comes to lifespan and internal fans. Aluminum LED corn lights will usually contain internal fans. However, the internal fan’s motors will die out long before the life of the LED leads to huge heat build-ups in the long term for your light. This means the light’s lifespan will be affected not by the LEDs themselves, but rather the light’s design and internal parts. Adopting a corn light that uses a different type of material that effectively dissipates heat without using internal fans, will extend the life of your light.

What’s A Great LED Corn Light Option?

The SANSI 60W LED Corn light is a great indoor task or outdoor exterior light for residential or commercial properties. This light comes with an E39 base and an E26 adapter. Meaning it can be used in general fixtures within farms, barns, or homes. Having such a big bright light that can be simply installed anywhere is what will transform your area. These lights can be used in street lamps, lamp posts, exterior lights, indoor fixtures too! They’re practical bright and used their own unique patented technology to reduce the heat buildup and prolong their life.

LED Corn Lights

SANSI’s use of large ceramic heat sinks is what sets them apart from other LEDs on the market. They attach LED chips directly to their ceramic heat sinks and this allows for no internal fans or extra pieces as the ceramic dissipate heat passively on its own. Leading to a cooler, brighter light. Saving you money on energy bills for years to come!

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