What Are LED Corn Lights and How Do We Use Them?

Corn Lights

Corn Lights

LED corn lights are bright unique looking types of lights. They have various indoor and outdoor applications and can be used to illuminate a wide range of areas. They’re energy-efficient replacements for HPS and metal halide lights. They’re larger scale bulbs and can be used to light up bigger areas that normal A19 bulbs can’t. They’re a modern solution for modern problems and can be a great investment for people looking for bright indoor or exterior lighting!

Corn Lights

What Are LED Corn Lights?

LED Corn Lights are highly unique and recognizable LED lights. Their distinct shape is what also gives their name. Their structure is like a corn cob. With the long shape and LED chips attached vertically down the body of the metal body, they resemble corn. However, the shape and design like corn are for a purpose. To emit heat. With the long body and large surface area, the heat from each LED chip has more space to dissipate heat.

Why Choose LED Corn lights?

There are many reasons why LED Corn Lights are now popular exterior lighting options, so we will cover the main factors.

  1. Energy Efficient & Bright: LED corn lights are used as a modern replacement for metal halide or HPS exterior lights. They can replace as high as 250-400 watts using only 60-100 watts. Due to the fact, their light output is so high consuming so little power, they’re a fantastic outdoor lighting option. Especially for small, medium, and large-scale projects.
  2. Easy Installation: LED corn lights come with E39 bases and E26 adaptors. Meaning they can be screwed in and installed into any lighting fixture, indoors or outdoors.
  3. Longer Lifespan: Compared to metal halide and HPS there are very little maintenance costs and them last much longer. LED Corn light’s longer lifespans make them great for street lighting projects, as they can produce 360-degree light for many years!

LED corn Light Applications, Where Can They be Used?

For lighting solutions LED Corn Lights are preferred for any scenario requiring high lumens output with wide coverage. Due to their structure and the way they have LED chips all around the body of the light, they produce bright wide covering beams. The light from corn lights usually is at 5000K daylight temperature. Making them applicable for making clear vision outside at night time or illuminating an area needing task lighting. Wide covering general lighting or bright task lighting are the two most common uses for LED corn lights.

What is the Best LED Corn Light Right Now?

Currently, the most effective exterior LED street lamp or outdoor lighting solution is the SANSI 60W LED Corn light. This light is IP65 weatherproof and can light up very large spaces. Having 6000 lumens at 5000K daylight, this light will be able to save you heaps of energy costs while brightening up large areas.

Corn Lights

SANSI 60W LED Corn Light Wat sets them apart?

The use of ceramics for these LED corn lights is what sets SANSI apart from other manufacturers. The structure of the light uses a honeycomb structure of independent ceramic heat sinks attached through ceramic bars to produce an overall better heat dissipation performance. This light adopts large ceramic heat sink surface areas to increase heat dissipation. This combined with the hollow body of the light promoting air convection, leaders to a more efficient LED light.

Corn Lights

SANSI’s LED Corn lights are modern, innovative and the correct outdoor lighting solution. Shine bright so the world can see!

If you would also like to purchase some LED Corn lights, please click here to their Amazon Store.

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