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rgb floodlight
RGB LED Floodlight

The Best Outdoor Lights For Christmas 2021

This year has been maybe the most unusual years to date. So why not try to go all out this year on the exterior of your home for Christmas decorations and lights. With the holiday season underway ...

RGB LED FloodlightRGB LED Outdoor Floodlight

5 Ways You’re Using Your RGB LED Floodlight Incorrectly

LED RGB Floodlights are some of the most popular exterior lights currently on the market. They’re used in both commercial and residential lighting solutions by providing bright, customizable outdo...

RGB LED FloodlightLED RGB Floodlights

How to Decorate Your Yard For Halloween?

Almost everybody I know loves Halloween decorations. In my eyes the bigger and more outrageous the better. In most streets, there is always one or two houses that go all out for this holiday and t...

RGB LED FloodlightRGB LED Floodlight

How Many Lumens Do We Need in the Yard?

When it comes to lighting the exterior of your home there are 3 main benefits you will want from it. General illuminance, allowing you to see clearly reducing the risk for accidents, security light...