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Find Out Today The Best LED Floodlights for 2019

Find Out Today The Best LED Floodlights for 2019

LED Floodlights are super bright, powerful and versatile lights. They’ve become an integral part of our lives due to the fact they can be used for all different types of scenarios. They can be used for security, decorations, special events, landscaping even at your wedding! The problem is in this day and age there are a lot of products but not enough information to help customers make informed purchases. So this blog will outline what type of LED Floodlight you should be looking for and what features it should have in order to work best for you.

What are LED Floodlights?

Before we start looking to buy some LED Floodlights it is important to know what they are and what separates them from other types of LED lights. Essentially LED Floodlights are very high powered lights that produce an incredibly bright light across a wide beam angle. They’re highly durable and energy-efficient, which is what makes them such a wonderful exterior light. They come in a range of shapes and sizes to meet the demands of large and small scale areas. Due to the fact these lights put out such a wide and powerful beam, it is a good idea to check the color temperature of the light and find one suitable for what you are using it for. Especially if it is going to be used around your property. This is because most of the LED Floodlights on the market produce beams around 5000K-6500K. Making their beams incredibly bright like natural daylight. However, your neighbors may not appreciate the amazing power of your Floodlight in the middle of the night! For commercial use, especially if you live in a more built-up area where your neighbors are close to you, it would be a great idea to look for a Floodlight with warmer color temperature. However, if you want the best of both worlds, a bright natural daylight beam and a range of lower warmer colors, then an RGB Floodlight is what you are looking for!

What to look for in an LED Floodlight? 

There are 4 main characteristics you should be looking for when you’re searching for an LED Floodlight. These are; energy efficiency, power selection, durability & heat dissipation. If you can find a light that has a well-rounded performance in each of these areas, you’ve hit the gold mine! 
RGB floodlight 

Energy Efficiency: LED’s are renowned for their energy efficiency and saving properties. Their energy efficiency is one of the main reasons people buy them. Due to the fact this plays such a huge part in what LED Floodlight you buy it is important what type of efficiency to look for. Luminous efficacy is one of the easiest and most important efficiency measures that can give you a good idea about light. This is calculated by how many lumens the light has per watt (lm/W). Some packaging will contain this measurement and others will no. However, once you know the luminous efficacy of the different lights you are looking for, you can begin to make a comparison and moving towards the right light for you.

Power Selection: LED Floodlights come in a variety of powers. They can range anywhere from 10W-1000W depending on what it is required for. The majority of smaller LED Floodlights are used for residential use. Such as in the back yard as a security light. This is because their widespread super-bright beam can illuminate significantly large yards. They can also be used to accentuate the look of your home as well as other buildings. RGB Floodlights especially help better the ambiance and aesthetic of a building or landmark. So if you are looking to brighten up a larger area then go with a higher power and lumen count and if you are looking to illuminate a smaller space stick to the lower cost lower-powered Floodlights.

Durability: In terms of Led exterior lighting this will be shown by their IP Rating.  IP is ingress protection and the two digits following IP are protection ratings against dust and water. For instance, if an outdoor LED Floodlight has an IP65 rating. The first number meaning 6- which is dust-tight. Telling you that it is impossible for any dust to get into the light. While the 5 is protected against water jet spray. The IPXX rating system is the most common way of determining a light’s durability and knowing about their rating system will help your future purchases of all kinds of outdoor lights.   

Heat Dissipation: It is well known that LED chips do not perform well and may even break if the junction temperature stays incredibly high. The best Floodlights have an effective design that allows for the light to be as powerful as possible while promoting heat dissipation. Heat dissipation is made better by a hollow design, heat sink technology, and materials that allow for heat to dissipate quickly.

Overall these are the four most important characteristics when choosing an LED Floodlight. Once you have discovered a light that possesses all of these qualities you can begin to find one that does exactly you need.

Different Types For LED Floodlights

There are a few different types of LED Floodlights on the market that each can bring you something different so it is important to know what these are to choose the most suitable one.

First of all, there are compact Floodlights. These are the most basic designed LED Floodlights. As they have no motion sensors and they usually put out a 4000K-6500K beam similar to natural daylight. They are smaller and slimmer in design and are great for being put up around the home or in the garden. However, their limitation is that they are not as secure as a Floodlight with a motion sensor as it will not illuminate when motion is detected. Also, their beam is very bright and the color temperature of it will disturb animals and possibly your neighbors at night time.

The second type of Floodlight is a Security Floodlight. These are incredibly popular and usually use passive infrared sensors to detect movement from a fair distance. Once again it is their beam that is their limitation as they will be incredibly bright and may draw too much attention to your property.

The third type of Floodlight is an RGB Floodlight. These are possibly the most versatile and unique of all the different types of Floodlights. This is because they can put out powerful beams of all different colors at many different frequencies. This means they can be used indoors, outdoors for any event that requires various shades and types of lighting. Garden parties, weddings, Christenings, whatever the event is RGB Floodlights can brighten up the mood and leave your guests wondering how you managed to put on such a great party. RGB Floodlights along with other Floodlights can be a fantastic way to protect your home while also having the versatility for all of the events such as Christmas and Halloween throughout the year.

SANSI LED Floodlights

This is where SANSI Electrical Engineering company comes into play. They have a wide range of LED Floodlights that will really benefit your home!

SANSI LED Floodlight Range 

Wattage Luminous Flux  Beam 
1100 lm
3000 lm
5000 lm
7000 lm
100W 10000 lm

SANSI’s LED Floodlight range is not only vast and in their power rating and beams, but their color temperatures are also widely varied. This is because SANSI has developed a smaller 10W & larger 50W RGB LED Floodlights. As you can see from the table the luminous efficacy of all of their lights is the same as 110lm/W. Showing that the quality and efficiency of these lights is consistent throughout all of their products. The cable is 1.5M long so they can be plugged into a socket anywhere near the home. Meaning that you can have a wide range of colorful effects and beams all over your home. 

SANSI LED Floodlight Design

The design of all of SANSI’s Floodlights is unique. They are specifically designed to promote heat dissipation and energy efficiency. This can be seen in their use of ceramic, their independent heat sink pixels, and their hollow back frame. The use of ceramic in their heat sinks is what really sets SANSI’s lights apart. This is because it aids their performance and looks. The porcelain white texture each heat sink gives the light a distinctly futuristic look. However, where the ceramic sets these lights apart from other LED Floodlights is in their heat dissipation. The majority of LED Floodlights stick their LED chips onto aluminum. Meaning that the light needs extra pieces, adhesives, and PC boards. All of these extra parts will create more heat and lead to a less efficient light. However, with the adoption of ceramic SANSI can stick their LED chips directly onto the ceramic heat sink pixel and do not need any extra parts. Making the light produce less heat and be an overall more efficient light. The use of ceramics teamed with their hollowed-out body is what makes SANSI stand out as a forward thinker in heat dissipation. SANSI’s technology and performance are what set them apart from any other lights on the market, along with their incredibly reasonable price.

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