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An Experiment Using The Best Full Spectrum LED Indoor Grow Light

grow light

grow light

For many of us living in the city the closest we get to seeing leaves and plants is outside. We want to own a garden to enjoy the tranquillity, the smell, the peacefulness. These are all things that we are missing out on. To be able to have a garden of your own is a luxury. As a relatively keen gardener who has done some small scale grows before I thought it would be a cool idea to try out an experiment. For 21 days I would have two Christmas Cacti. One would receive light from the SANSI A21 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light and one would not. In order to see how much plants really do benefit from the light coming from one of these Grow Lights.

In terms of the experiment I tried to have a few variables as possible. The one main variable was that one plant would receive a grow light and the other would not. To reduce the variables, I put a lot of effort into buying the same pots and sterilizing them completely. I also used 20 buds in each pot from the same bag in order to keep everything as uniform as possible. 

Discovering An LED Grow Light

As a keen gardener I knew what I was looking for. I needed something powerful; bright; could replicate natural sunlight closely. I wanted something that would fit into my home nicely while helping my plant grow and blossom. After speaking to some colleagues at work, I’d heard the same name cropping up. SANSI. SANSI Grow Lights I was told were some of the cheapest best looking lights that are great for growers of all capabilities. So I went to look for some. They have an incredibly broad range, however as I was just looking for something small I decided upon the A21 15W Grow Light. Once I purchased the light I decided to set up 2 plant pots full of Christmas Cactus buds. One will receive light from the SANSI grow light and one will not.

The Preparation Stage Of The Experiment

Plant: Planted 20 buds in one pot and 20 buds in another pot

Flowerpot: 2 ceramic pots with a height of 12.5cm and a diameter of 17.5cm

Measurement: coconut coir mixed with soil

Location: living room

Lamps: 1 SANSI LED 15W Full Spectrum Grow Lights that will only be used on one of the plant pots

Attention: The plant on the left of the pictures will be receiving the grow lamp and the one on the right will not.

The Experiment Implementation Phase

Day 1

plant growth

To make the experiment more accurate I separated the two plant pots by a cardboard sheet. In order to make sure only one plant was receiving the Grow Light beam.

Day 5

plant growth

The plant receiving artificial light is 2.5cm while the plant not receiving any artificial light is 1.3cm. Also the colors of the plant in the left pot a more luscious and healthier.

The Christmas Cactus has received 10 hours of light a day from 07:00-17:00 every day.

Day 9

plant growth

The flower on the left has grown to 4cm whilst the flower on the right is 2cm.

In order to use the right intensity, the distance from the lamp to the flowers should be kept between 30cm-50cm.

Day 15

plant growth

The left pot flowers are 6.5cm and the right pot is 3cm. The petals on the left pot are also beginning to open.

Day 17

plant growth

After over half a month of looking after these two flowers it is clear to see that the left pot has grown well with brightly colored flowers. While the flower on the right has not yet flowered.

Day 21

plant growth

The Christmas cactus on the left has completely flowered and their bright colors have really helped brighten up my bedroom for the winter. My friends that have come in have really noticed a difference in the mood and color of the room. They can’t stop talking about my lovely flowers!

Conclusion Of My Experiment

The experiment showed that the plant exposed to the Grow Light clearly grew and flowered much faster and better than the plant that did not. If you are looking for a reliable grow light that can bring your home stunning colourful flowers quickly you don’t need to look any further! This light brought a new dimension to my home as it produced a nice daylight beam that was beneficial to both my plants and my home! Also the light’s unique hollowed out design and beautiful porcelain body made my home more stylish. It gave a modern sleek look to my bedroom that I didn’t think a light could do.

Full spectrum Grow lights are the future of indoor gardening and I’m glad I tested it out for myself. Now I know the benefits of adopting these kinds of lights. They’re simple to use, perform great and make your flowers blossom. I can’t wait to buy more and have some larger scale grows in the future!

If you would like to learn more about the full spectrum grow light, then head over to SANSI grow lights.

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