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A Beginner’s Guide to SANSI Indoor Grow Lights

A Beginner’s Guide to SANSI Indoor Grow Lights

When it comes to indoor grows there are a few factors to consider, the main being the type of light you need. To match your type of grow you need to think about the scale of the grow, the area you’re growing in and the wattage you need. In order to cover a multitude of growing areas SANSI developed a wide range of grow lights. Ranging from 3 headed supplemental light, grow light bulbs, wing grow lights and grow flood lights.

New Release

3 headed grow light

SANSI’s 24W 3 headed red/blue supplemental grow light is currently the newest release. This light not only performs more efficiently, it provides more options than the majority of small-scale clip-on grow lights. The light can produce blue, red and purple light and be set at 3H, 6H and 12H intervals. Meaning they can be added to a plant that is needing higher red or blue light exposure throughout winter. This light is the perfect way to boost fruit’s size, weight and germination when needed! When doing smaller scale indoor grows, using this blue/red light in combination with a full spectrum bulb, would be the cheapest and fastest way to increase yields!

The stand out feature of this light is the multiple options. The dimmable control as well as the color controls, allow for your plants to receive more specific light. The more specific a plant is fed, the better they will develop. As the light can be adjusted to 20% brightness (for shade plants) 60% (neutral plants) 80-100% (high light plants). As you can regulate time, color temperature your indoor yields would be bound to improve in quality and size under this light, especially in combination with a full spectrum bulb!  

SANSI LED Grow Bulbs

LED Grow Bulb

When it comes to indoor grow bulbs their applications are related to their design and power.

Watts (W)






Full spectrum




Full spectrum




Full spectrum



SANSI grow bulbs come in a range of PAR sizes, PAR25 PAR30, as the power of the bulbs increase.

Why Do SANSI Use PAR Grow Bulbs?

SANSI use PAR shaped grow lights because of their smaller bodies, wider face and narrower beam angles. When growing indoors with artificial lights, sometimes the spaces are confined, the best way to get around this is more effective lights. The PAR bulb design allows SANSI to do this by using a large surfaced area heat sink under the large lens, while providing a narrower beam angle. The combination of a more efficient heat sink and narrower beam angle, means these bulbs output higher intensity light using less energy. SANSI Grow bulbs are useful for small and medium indoor grows. Due to their full spectrum beams they can be used over every plant through any phase to provide effective supplemental lighting.

Wing Grow Lights

30w wing grow light

SANSI’s LED Wing lights come in 30W & 60W, both putting out beams at a 180 °. Their Wattage/square foot make them highly optimal for 1-2 plants per light. Tomatoes, strawberries have been proven to flourish under both sets of these lights. Since they produce full spectrum beams, they can benefit any plant in any growth phase, like natural sunlight.  

The Benefits of Wing Grow Lights?

The main benefit of wing grow light’s is their higher wattage and adjustable arms. The more customizable a light is, the more effective it will be. The advantage of having a wing light for an indoor grow is that as you scale up or scale down, they’re still applicable. Wing lights can be applied as overhead or interplant lights it needed. Making them the most adaptable indoor lights.  

SANSI Grow Light Floodlights

LED Grow Floodlight

The third type of grow light SANSI provides for general houseplants and smaller indoor farms is the 70W full-spectrum floodlight. The outstanding feature of this type of grow light is their higher intensity and energy efficiency. Due to their heat dissipation properties, they can provide plants in small areas with more PPFD. With a beam angle of 60° but a higher wattage of 70W, the light intensity for plants would be increased. Combining high Wattage with a small beam angle, allows for the plants to get a high amount of sunlight intensity. The light itself is 4500K and full spectrum. Meaning it can be placed over fruits vegetables and flowers as a general use overhead light.

When applying this type of full spectrum floodlight over plants, it is important to note the suggested hanging heights, as the intense beam at a lower height has the potential to be damaging. This light is efficient, effective and applicable to all plants through every growth phase!

SANSI Grow Light Guide Conclusion 

SANSI Technology

SANSI’s technical differential point is their heat sinks. The combination of patented COC technology with a hollow body, results in an overall more efficient bulb. COC- Chip on ceramic technology, means the chip is directly soldered onto the heat sink in contrast to traditional aluminum LEDS, that would have more pieces. The less pieces, the less heat buildup, producing fewer overall problems for the lights. Longer life, more light, better results!

Why Choose SANSI?

When it comes to SANSI grow lights there are a few key elements to consider. Their beam angle, their energy efficiency and their light output. Once you’ve established the plant you want to grow and the scale of the grow, you can begin the lighting plan and which bulbs are suitable. LED grow bulbs are more suitable for smaller houseplants, herbs etc. The wing lights and floodlights are best for medium sized plants fruits strawberries, larger herb plants etc. All of these lights used in combination with the highly customizable blue/red light definitely will increase yields, reduce grow time and improve crop quality! When it comes to SANSI indoor grow lights, think energy efficient, effective and specific beam angles!

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