Hanging Grow Light String(US ONLY)

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SANSI Hanging Grow Light String for Indoor Outdoor, 6 Led Grow Light Bulbs 72W, IP65 Waterproof Plant Grow Light for Greenhouse Garden, Full Spectrum Grow Light with 22ft Cord for Veg Seedling Flower.

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Size: 1-pack
SANSI LED Grow String Light, Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor.

Decorate Your Home

The hanging plant lights do more than just help your plants thrive and bloom. It can also decorate your life.

Increase Agricultural Production

This plant light can be used in agricultural cultivation such as greenhouses to promote the flowering and fruiting, increase the production.

Waterproof LED Grow Light Bulb

LED Grow Light for Indoor and Outdoor: Waterproof IP54, Light Bulb PART IP65.

Full Spectrum + 660NM Supplementary Light

Hanging Grow Light String with Full Spectrum: Uniform Light Coverage.Red Chips: Best for Blooming and Fruits.
Each grow light bulb contains 25pcs LED chips,including 17pcs 5000k full spectrum chips and 8pcs red light chips. 400nm-700nm spectrum fuels photosynthesis, which drives plant growth and mass. And the red light helps to flower and fruit and prolong flowering,increase production.
This grow light is suitable for different plant stages for most plants.
Hanging Grow Light String can be used in wide applications.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dalene Stangl
Fixtures get very hot and bulbs cannot be positioned

My bulb savings get so hot I'm worried they are a fire hazard. Also the bulbs are fixed at set intervals, so it's very hard to position them. Probably better off with single lights.

Shelley Stevens
Great lights, but not designed to adjust height

I really like these lights, however, it would be nice if each light hung on its own wire off of a “T” so that there is room to adjust the height. Currently, if you want any lights to hang slightly you have two sides of a thick cord to deal with. It isn’t visually appealing and it is hard to get the lights to hang straight.


I have these outside in an 6 x 8 portable greenhouse. I grow flowers and over winter the seedlings in the greenhouse then plant out in February. The light they emit fills my 6 x 8 greenhouse to the max and my plants are growing well.

Cara Clapsaddle
solid product

these grow lights are very solid. The gauge in which the wire is made out of is plenty sick and I believe you could even exchange these bulbs for a lot stronger bulbs, and still be fine with the thickness of wire are used. The light spectrum is on point for vegetative growth and to me this product has all of the elements you need to get a good five star rating

Jodi Distilli
Extremely bright, extremely everything good

Well, I'm impressed, excited, and happy. Here goes - the cord is very heavy duty, the little lights weigh a ton, of course not but very heavy as well, in an absolutely great way, the switch is pretty much the same - heavy and good. Nobody did anything less than go all out with this set. I never had grow lights on the other side of my greenhouse. Screwed some eye hooks into the wooden beams and oh my, I sure do have light now. Before install, I put all of the bulbs in, just to be sure all was functioning. A word - the bulbs will screw in more than you probably would think, so if you turn on the light and nothing happens, well, screw the bulbs in tighter. I did go back to their sales page here and copied that photo of the PPFD and will learn that a little better and either raise or lower my bulbs with long S hooks. You can do that. See the loop on top. My 10 inch long S hooks fit through it. I expect this set of lights to last and benefit my plants. LED, energy saver, so I will not hesitate to turn them on!