A21 36W LED 5000K Light Bulb (US ONLY)

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SANSI 650W Equivalent A21 LED Light Bulbs, 5500 Lumens 5000K Daylight Light Bulbs, Non-Dimmable E26 Bulb Ceramic Technology, 22.5 Years Lifetime, 36W Power Energy Saving LED Bulb for Home Workspace

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B Wallis
Nice bulb from a great brand!

I love Sansi bulbs. They are consistently high quality, bright, and reliable. Sansi-branded corn bulbs keep my garage well lit, so I was excited to try this type. This one is extremely bright, so it's not a mood lighting/ambient sofa lamp bulb. It's in my craft room and my kids joke that I can do surgery there because it's so bright. It cools itself off and throws bright, clean, flicker-free light. Love it.

Very bright bulb that requires some breathing space

Now this is a bright bulb. Ordered this 2 weeks ago and have been using it since in our garage. It illuminates a big chunk of the garage in a bright white tone. I had previously placed this bulb in a partially enclosed pendant lamp but after having it on for an hour it got extremely hot started to smell of burning plastic/electronics. This bulb requires an open space to be installed. I then moved it to our garage and have had for periods exceeding 8 hours with no adverse odors. It's a quality bulb and the second I've ordered from this Sansi. The other bulb has been in my kitchen for over 2 years.

Dispatches from Galifrey
Second sun

If you need a bulb that will illuminate your area like a high noon sun on a clear summer day, here it is.

Please be aware that this bulb will not fit standard, household sockets. This is industrial strength lighting. My husband has it in his shop, and honestly it outperforms the old school halogen lights, and at a fraction of the energy consumption.

Bottom line: great, very bright light. VERY bright. Recommended.

Well designed, meets specifications

This is an expensive bulb. It warrants careful review. Unlike many LED bulbs I that have tried from Amazon, this one happily lives up to the specs.

The brightness certainly seems like it is the spec'd 5500 lumens, as it WAY outshines a nearby 3000 lumen bulb. You would not want to even glance at this bulb when it is turned on. Given the design of a clear lens, with all LED packages mounted on one flat surface, I was impressed at how much light is thrown over a full 180 degree arc. However, unlike bulbs with an opaque/frosted lens, there is definitely a stronger light intensity (2x to 3x @ 0 degrees vs. 1x @ 60 degrees) in the direction the bulb is pointed.

Color quality is a strong factor. A low CRI does not just mean that colors will be off, it also means eye stress, and it undermines bulb brightness. This bulb has a not-ideal CRI spec of 80. However, side-by-side with a trusted CRI 90 bulb, this bulb subjectively renders colors BETTER than what I have seen with other CRI 80 bulbs. If you are not doing quality control work where color matters, this bulb will probably be suitable for a work environment.

Color temperature: This bulb, at 5000K, is not my household standard bulb temperature, but for an isolated storage room, it is more important that I have high brightness, which is hard to find in my standard. The typical bulbs in our home are intentionally chosen to be 2700K. 2700K is the closest to the temperature of old-school incandescent. IMO, the care one takes in choosing furnishings is maintained when using bulbs of matched temperature in the same view.

Power and heat: Noting the effectiveness of the exposed heat-conducting-ribbing, the unit got warm, but not hot, to the touch. I could easily handle the bulb immediately after it had been on for 10 minutes. The rated 35 watts (I measured 36 watts) is pretty efficient @ 153 lumens/watt (I often see less than 100 lumens/watt with LEDs). It adds up that the high efficiency means less retained heat, and more light. Another illustration of light efficiency: Testing the unit on my bench, it was uncomfortable to hold my palm 6 inches in front of the bulb for more than 10 seconds; the radiated energy is impressive for an LED.

Bottom-line: This bulb is uncommonly well designed, and it does everything it says it does. I ultimately placed this bulb in an open fixture, inverted (i.e. base up), on the ceiling of a large storage room.

FL Traveler
VERY Bright

I like light. This is a very bright light. I replaced my porch light and wanted a bright light to illuminate the front corner of the house. This screwed in just light a "regular" light bulb. The first night it was on, I started wondering if it was "too bright." So far, none of the neighbors have said anything about it.

There is a "caution" printed on the base of the bulb that it should be used in "dry locations." I have it in an enclosed fixture, which isn't water tight (rain could potentially get inside). We have had rain over the past two days with strong wind gusts at times and the light has remained lit (and dry).

This would be a great light for the garage, workshop, or any place you want a lot of bright light.