60W LED Grow Light (Folding Wings)

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60W LED Grow Light (600 Watt Equivalent) with patented Chip on Ceramic (COC) technology and hollow design, through higher effective, hear dissipation, improves luminous efficacy and lifespan. The secondary optical design, through the lens for secondary light distribution, improves light utilization, gives plants more supplementary light. This full-spectrum light is suitable for all stages of plant growth.

Size: US E26 Base

With a higher light output to help growth and a pleasing light quality, our energy efficient full spectrum 60w LED Grow Lights create an optimal indoor gardening space for your plants and you. Here are the benefits in full stage.

High Efficiency - Patented COC Technology

Chip on Ceramic, replaces the traditional Mcpcb aluminum substrate with a non-conductive ceramic heat sink, resulting in faster heat conduction and higher product reliability, higher light efficiency.

Low Heat - Hollow Structure Design

The working heat of the lighting device is quickly transferred to the air through natural convection, and the heat dissipation is faster and the service life is prolonged.

Energy Efficient - The Secondary optical design

through the lens for secondary scientific light distribution, improved light utilization, give plants more supplementary light, and improved light quality.

Independent design of IC (driver chip)

Use self-developed driver IC with has the ability to adjust its power outage to reduce its temperature, it can be used in completely enclosed lamps, greatly improving safety.

As always, SANSI lights end up being great! This light allowed you to interface with ceiling fixtures or hanging fixtures and even any lamp that supports a traditional light bulb socket. Clocking in at an actual 58 Watts Its nice to see a company who tells you the true wattage right in the name. This light has bendable limbs so you can easily light unique setups! I really like this one!


Customer Reviews

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Mike Lovell
Incredible For 60w!

After initially buying the smaller 15w bulb to bring on some seedlings, I bought this to help them over a particularly long and cold spring here in the UK. This light is superb for a number of reasons, but the main features that really stand out are the following:

1. Temperature near the light itself rarely exceeds 24C, if ever. This protects plants that need to be close to the light from scorching. Compared to other lights, these run extremely cool.

2. For a 60W (technically 55W) bulb screwed into a standard B22 with an E27 light fitting adapter, the amount of light and spread produced is phenomenal. None of the plants are stretching or 'reaching' at all and are growing at the same rate as they would outdoors in mid-stage; if not faster.

3. Given the current cost of energy here in the UK, these are very, very economical to run. On an 18/6hr period, it uses just short of 1KWh per day, or around 30p. If you are on a tariff that costs less at night, you're onto a winner. Exceptional value.

If you had any doubts about buying one of these thinking they wouldn't be powerful enough to bring on or maintain your plants, think again. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

Great light, works as expected

Using this to grow a couple of baby nepenthes. It's been working really well, definitely see more growth, and some string of heart cuttings getting second-hand-light are also flourishing.

Great when you need to spread light over a wider area

I am really liking this product. It spreads light evenly over a wider area than what you would get from a single bulb. I am using it for winter care for a plant that cannot be outdoors this time of year in my climate.

Great Light at a Reasonable Price

I am impressed with this light. It's sturdy, well made, BRIGHT, and covers a large area. It is easy to adjust and has a relatively small footprint.
I have several Sansi products, and I am pleased with all of them. This is a quality brand.

Indoor plants light

Very bright! So far so good my bright light requirement indoor plants.It gives added light since spring in Washington is still winter gloom. Will update.