PAR25 15W LED Grow Light Bulb

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Grow Light LED with full spectrum. Unlike others' LED chips only have red and blue wavelengths, each of SANSI led chips can produce a mix of wavelengths ranging from 380nm to 780nm, perfect for the whole plant growth. Compared to typical red or purple grow lights, it has high PPF and lens which can improve light utilization, giving plants more supplementary light. The white light is more natural which is friendly to human eyes. You can put SANSI led grow light everywhere, even living room.15W LED grow light is equivalent to 200 watt, which is really suitable for medium light plants like Alocasia, Anthurium and Calathea.

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Material: (updated)US E26 Base
Size: 4 pack

Sun Inside Your Home

Unlike others' LED chips only have red and blue wavelengths, each of SANSI led chips can produce a mix of wavelengths ranging from 380nm to 780nm, perfect for the whole plant growth.

High Efficiency

This LED grow bulb outputs white light, compared to others' colorful light, white light is less disturbing. It provides the best environment your lovely plants need and supplies enough lighting nutrition.

Easy to Install

Operates like a light bulb! Standard E26 sockets for US & CA and E27 for Eu & UK base fits in lamp fixture easily.

It's full spectrum, covering the entire visible spectrum of 400nm-780nm. The red color temperature is close to 5000k so it looks like a white type of grill light. Color rendering index Ra is close to 100, infinitely close to natural light. The SANSI grow light bulbs have 5 years warranty!

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15W Grow Light Bulb - 25,000 hours Long Lifespan

1. Indoor use only.
2. Please do not use it in dimmable fixtures.
3. Please do not use it in totally enclosed fixtures.
4. The hanging distance between the luminous surface of the light and the plant is 30-50cm.

Customer Reviews

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kelli casella
The beat

Love these lights. The 15w are great for my smaller plants. The 24-36 what are perfect for larger tree or palm plants! My house plants are thriving since I have gotten these lights!

Works great, sturdy, runs cool, nice bright white color, plants love it.

I've been very pleased with this grow light. I have several tropical plants that I keep on my patio in the summer but which I moved indoors for the winter. My patio is shady to begin with, and my home is even darker, even right next to a window (thick trees cast shade). I was so impressed that after just a few weeks under the grow light in my bedroom, my plants (banana, monstera, philodendron) started to produce new leaves - something the monstera hadn't even done all summer on my patio. I think this light might actually be providing more brightness to my plants indoors than they were getting outdoors! I like that it doesn't get hot to the touch, and I love that it isn't the unsettling red-blue color of other grow lights -- as a result, it blends in and looks normal with my other household lights. Previously, I wasn't able to keep houseplants because of how dark it is inside, but now I'm reconsidering and I think the light may be a year-round feature for a tabletop plant, not just a winter fixture for my patio plants when they need to come indoors for the winter.

Tee You

This light is Amazing(for small or relatively small plants of course)!! I purchased a Bonsai tree online and when it arrived it pretty much looked dead(I wish I took a picture of it then to show you how bad of a state it was in but I didn't) anyhow, I made some research online and realized I needed a growing light and some fertilizers. BTW I live in PA so at the time of purchase it was freezing outside so obviously I couldn't just put the plant out there to get natural light, so I bought the light And fertilizer and right away less than a week later I saw drastic improvements and growth. This is now what my Bonsai looks like just a month or so later! I definitely recommend this product for someone that has one or a couple small plants. Btw there is hardly any warmth coming out of the light which is a great thing because you can stick the light VERY CLOSE to the plant without burning it. Anyways I'm happy with this product and I'm sure you will as well.

These are the bulbs you're looking for (no Jedi hand wave required)

This is a bright, clear light that actually matches its watt rating (~14.7 watts at a 15 watt rating). I've tried other brands and these SANSI LEDs are by far the best I've ever used. I've got 5 at home where I keep all my tropicals and 3 on my little desk "arboretum" at work. Many of these I've had for over a year with no burnouts, dead or dimmed LEDs, or any trouble at all. And I'm about to buy more since I just set up a new track lighting system at home and I'll be putting together an indoor water garden in the coming months.
I prefer the full spectrum versions as they produce a beautiful crystal clear warm white glow that feels just like sunlight - it's plenty good for the plants but it also feels good to me, too. I want to just fill my house with these, but I'm not quite at that budget yet. Though if you watch carefully occassionally they'll have a sale or a coupon and you can get a pretty solid discount. But even at full price they beat any competition on Amazon.
They do get pretty warm to the touch, and there's a warning to not use them in an enclosed light fixture. I recommend you heed that warning for maximum life and efficiency. But they've never gotten hot enough to burn.
Pros: Everything.
Cons: None.
If you need a grow light with an edison base, buy these. You won't regret it.

Miracle worker

We live in an apartment that gets no direct sunlight through the windows. I have a baby tears that was slowly dying, a golden pothos that wouldn’t grow, and a prayer plant that wouldn’t grow. We’ve had this light set up about a month and a half and they have all started thriving! The pothos has started a few off shoots and the baby tears loses WAY less leaves! We have a lamp set up maybe 3 feet away from the plants. Would definitely recommend!