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How to Make a More Ergonomic Workstation? A Beginner’s Guide

led desk lamp

LED Desk Lamp

When it comes to workstation ergonomics it can be categorized and fitted together by meeting each need. Some people rush out and buy a chair and think this will improve their work output. Although the comfier chair may benefit you in some ways it is not a panacea to every ailment or issue arising around your work desk.  The best way with improving the ergonomics of an area is to approach it layer by layer. Look at the main areas that are used most in this area and how they are affected. Once you have done this, you can begin to map out the best ergonomic solution. When it comes to improving ergonomics the main areas to look at would be the eyes, posture, keyboard &mouse and lighting.

Finding a Better Chair

Usually, the first thing people go looking for when making the workstation. In modern research up to 50% of workers are dealing with some form of back pain. So, to irradicate this the best we can is to look for better chairs. There are a number of different fancy chairs on the market under the banner “ergonomic”, however you’re just going to need to look for some key features and areas to target. In order to best asses your sitting way and angle, you can try finding your natural sitting position, by simply sitting away from the desk and seeing how your back and legs position.

LED Desk Lamp

Height: Feet can be flat on the floor with legs between 90-120 degrees from the floor. Depending on the height of the desk, if the desk is higher you may need a taller chair.

Back Support: The back support can have a natura curve to help fit the spine better. Depending on how bad your lower back feels, you can even add a lower back pillow support.

Material: Look for a supportive amount of cushioning for under yourself. If it is too soft you may get some problems and if it is too hard you may be uncomfortable. Look for a fair and firm amount of cushioning.

When it comes to ergonomic chairs, like most things, the most adjustable it is, the better it is going to work for you. The more options you have the comfier you can be.

Monitor Position

One of the more underrated adjustments to make at a workstation is the monitor. A significant amount of neck and back aches actually come from the monitor position. With the monitor there is 3 main factors to consider, height, angle and distance. Each of these need to be assessed into their optimal range, in order to make the work desk better.

LED Desk Lamp

Monitor Height: The top line of the screen should be around head height. If you were to put a measuring tape out from the top of your head the top of the screen should be opposite.

Monitor Distance: The monitor can be an arm’s length away or around 20 inches in distance from your face.

Angle: The screen can be angled upwards at between 10°-20°. This will make it easier to face head on, rather than look down at the screen.

Ergonomic Lighting

Improvements in lighting conditions has been something offices and home workers have recently been looking into. Working under optimal lighting conditions will enable you to perform tasks better and for longer periods of time without being interrupted. With the shift towards working from home, the desk space has got smaller, with us still looking for the same proper conditions. Desk lamps are for task lighting on small area, so the light itself is going to need to be adaptable and easy to install.

LED Desk Lamp

Size: A desk lamp has to be the correct size. It is no good having a 50cm high screen with a 30cm tall desk lamp shining on half the screen. Desk lamps need to be shining down onto the screen from above, so their height and size does need to be taken into around. Desk Lamps for computer work, don’t need to be big, but tall thin versions would be best.

Color Temperature: A desk light is usually task lighting so it should be around 4000K daylight. This will help on screens, paperwork etc on a small work area. As we work throughout the daytime into the night though the light is better off to be able to be dimmed slightly, as past 5pm none of us want a glaring light over our screen. Search for a light that is small, bright and customizable.

LED Desk Lamp

SANSI’s 6W LED Desk Lamp is a small-scale effective workstation lamp. It can be set up within small spaces to cover a laptop or computer with supportive task lighting to work under. This desk lamp has multiple brightness settings and an adjustable head that can be positioned to supplement your workload. The 2 main design features of this light are its heat dissipation technology and its adjustable head. The narrow-shaped head allows for the light to be focused and bright while running at a low temperature. This light is energy saving, practical for work and makes working from a desk easier every day! Sometimes it is within our benefit to work smarter not harder!

If you would like to make a purchase, then head over to SANSI 6W LED Desk Lamp.

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