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8W 750LM 60Watt Equivalent 3000K LED Bulbs
  • 8W 750LM 60Watt Equivalent 3000K LED Bulbs
  • No buzz or noise led light bulbs
  • best led light bulbs super design
  • bulbs that return to the brilliant life
  • Bulbs with 5-year unlimited warranty high quality
  • Suitable for ceiling fans and table lamps
  • Package of best energy saving light LED led lights for room
8W 750LM 60Watt Equivalent 3000K LED Bulbs

SANSI Advantages —— Produce high quality lights by our leading LED technology, and make healthy lifestyle for modern people.

Wide Application —— A15 shape with E26 base, ideal for your bedroom, living room, desk lamp, ceiling fan.

Super Bright —— 8W and 750lm, equivalent to 60W incandescent lamp; Wide beam angle 180°, all-around light distribution.

Healthy Light —— No flicker and comfortable lighting without harsh glares help to reduce eye strain. CRI80+ provides true color temperature experience.

Long Lifetime & 5-Year Warranty —— 25,000 hours, compared to 1,000 hours CFL bulb; Promise 5-Year warranty.

List Price: US$29.99
Sale: US$11.99 ( 9 REVIEWS)
  • 3000K 4-PACK
  • 3000K 6PACK
  • 5000K 6PACK
  • 3000K 4PACK
  • 5000K 4PACK


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What You Get (4 HIGHs):

  • High Lumen (750lm): Super bright.
  • High Energy Efficient (60W Equiv.): Energy saving.
  • High CRI (CRI80+): Good color experience.
  • High Quality: 25,000 hrs lifetime.

What You Avoid (4 NOs): 

  • No buzz or noise.
  • No flicker.
  • No UV or IR radiation.
  • No warm-up time.


  • Check the wide part near the base to make sure it can fit your fixture. 
  • Do not put it in high humidity environment, such as refrigerator. Otherwise, the performance will be highly impacted. 
  • Do not put it in enclose fixture. Otherwise, the performance will be highly impacted.
  • Recommend using them in non-dimmable fixtures. Otherwise, it will cause buzzing and flickering, thus the performance will be highly impacted. 

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