36W Daylight LED Plant Light Bulb
  • 36W Daylight LED Plant Light Bulb
36W Daylight LED Plant Light Bulb

  • Daylight Grow Light --- SANSI 36W Daylight Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights are the most powerful grow light bulbs available. We encourage you to compare our µmol/s and µmol/J vs. any light bulb designed for growing plants. Our Ceramic LED Independent Pixel Heat Sink design allows us to increase our photon density (PPF/W) within the bulb. Best of all, the bulb emits a white light ideal for aesthetically pleasing environments.
  • Easy to Install --- Operates like a light bulb with a standard E26 socket with no special lamp-base necessary. Recommended coverage area up to about 4.20 sq. ft. mounted 18”-24” above the plants with varying lighting schedules dependent on the plant(s) being grown.
  • Full Spectrum --- Each Sansi LED chip has an evenly distributed spectrum between 380-780nm. Instead of having multiple LED chips with individual colors (white, blue, red, far red), each LED chip has a mix of each color giving off a whitish glow.
  • Ceramic LEDs vs. Aluminum LEDs--- Compared with other grow lights (all competitors use aluminum LEDs), ceramic dissipates heat more efficiently than aluminum because it is non-conducive. This allows our LED chips to be mounted directly to ceramic; making each chip free of fans, housing, adhesive, and PC boards. Ceramic modules have fewer parts than conventional LEDs, and therefore conduct less heat and generate more savings.
  • What You Get --- 5-year unlimited warranty; 30 days no question asked return policy; 24/7 friendly customer support.
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  • 36W
  • 36W
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SANSI 36W LED Grow Light Bulb Daylight Plant Light Full Spectrum Grow Light, Sunlight White Grow Bulb for Indoor Garden Greenhouse Grow Walls, UV&IR, E26 90-132V




  • Wattage: 36W
  • Input Voltage: 90-132Vac 60Hz
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Optics: 60°
  • Lumen Flux: 2700lm




  • SIMULATE SUNLIGHT: 400-499nm Blue ray helps promote photosynthesis. 600-699nm Red ray is the most helpful for growth, bloom and fruiting. 380-400nm UV and Purple ray help form pigments and vitamin D, absorb phosphorus and aluminum. 760-780nm IR(FR) help regulate physiological activities such as shading and flowering. 500-599nm Green ray is meaningful for plant morphology.
  • FULL CYCLE: SANSI full spectrum led grow light gives all spectrum your plants need in every life cycle stage from germination, seedlings, vegetative, flowering to fruiting.
  • GREAT HEAT DISSIPATION: Unlike other plant lights which rely on plastic or aluminum heat sink, SANSI plant light adopts patented ceramic technology and unique hollow-out structure which ensure much better heat dissipation efficiency, keep plants from scald and hurt. More efficient power driver and omni-directional led chips help to save energy and prolong lifetime to 30,000 hours. No flicker and eye protecting.



Not dimmable
Not compatible with European voltage